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Cat Precious Day (Aby Sho Mzk 2015)

   As placing onto their sounds not only a confessional musical instruments but also things unique like tabla (played by Nila Gopal) to Serge Martynov on sitar/fisharmonium and fxs mixed from Oleg Fedosov as the band consisiting for Sasha Cemerov (vocals, guitars), Matt Lucich (drums), Joe Guese (bass), Alex Burke (keyboards) and Jaron Luksa (drums/percussion) proclaiming themselves as The Gitas – as probably, taken their influences by reading too much copy of baghavat-ghita the book or something longer and tied them-up for the sect’s points of views only that really matters and smartly correct but here you can feel how peace-loving quiet on Pop-Rock these band-members has already become.As the three eyes tiger roaring and the truth revealing; garland may erupting as a blast-gas of thematic collaborated in diversity for the answer looking on every questions - just try … My baby Gets Stuck (with Drugs), Mood For Love, Brand New Life and Black Crows shall melting your hearts to liking these rockers up. Screaming and get yourself possessed by wisdom garage Rock on The Gitas.