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Cat Man Alive (Harvest 2014)

Adding the word - Together on Pangea to be a new baptized group for Danny Bengston to Erik Jimenez or Roland Cosio and William Keegan with Cory Thomas Hanson bringing their passionate fast and brute buzzing their Hardcore-Punk for Grungy obsessions via Baddillac.
These fucking Garage Rock with Lo-Fi and Punkish blasters of loudmouth raw music sound hand-made by men named Together Pangea looks like they’re coming from the nearest swampy redneck’s stomp of hatred and anti-mainstream confession themes through the heavy riffs and melodic six strings as notoriously infamous as neat as brute and alternatively awesome to bashing your ears up within the crashing tracks on Make Myself True, Does He Really Care, River to Depress with Sick Shit and Offer. There’s no definite escaping from the disaster of explainable unfortunate events Where The Night Ends.