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Cancer Miss Blue (Reprise Records 1999)

   A continuity for Richard Patrick on avoiding the cursed of second album releasing materials without his partner in crime – Brian Liesegang anymore but we all going to see the coming back for bassist Frank Cavanagh or Geno Leonard (guitars) come back participations as the group – Filter saw that their direction for now is to moving away from a total Industrial Rock band onto the more Alternative and seminal commercial artists as Title Of Records spawning great standard medium of rock formations and happy  mosh-pit within Steve Gillis drumming punches and resulting the secondary work releases labeled as your newer mid-tempo of Rock-Electro and Heavy loud screaming from Mr. Richard himself – not to be trying on sold out or commercial.
The dynamic bass-lines, the magical hit taken from this record like Welcome To The Fold, Captain Bligh, It’s Gonna Kill Me, Sand as well as the soft romance but having an actual embarrassment when you’re drunk, peeing or alerting a jerk nearby – but, truly Take A Picture worth to be a final campaign for the band to be recognized more than just one brilliant debut album that sounded rocking solid before …  
The audience would definitely being pleased as the band playing their musical instruments, percussion basher and groovy six strings like for the number one favorite – The Best Things which sounding stagger, popish but also can making the whole stadium jumping and saluting the last of independent group for Industrial Rock turning solo successfully. 

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