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Brussels Tosh (Alter 2017)

Union Jack flag broader design for the restless meandering hope and register strokes within thus cynically involments crossing the London DIY nodes via Russell Walker, Daniel Bolger and Sian Dorrer intact ideas as this trio detached format for Electronic Synth-Pop releasing on the seminal New Order-tinged of a group musical project off The Bomber Jackets releasing an album called Kudos To The Bomber Jackets which non-pretentiously affecting your likes and tasted for more New Wave graphics demanding and cold sounds to the simple digital delays on about the topping spontaneous written stories about The Death of Old Woolly, All I Wanna Do is Stay At Home, Deranged Sauce Mum or Death of A Bargain Hunter – might be redesigned to be as experimental as your fish and chips wrapped by newspaper changed their taste and looks onto something else newer but didn’t particularly mis-shaped a whole …

Kudos To The Bomber Jacket: