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Brilla Tu Tun Tu (Aya Records 2017)

Non-mainstream as being baptized themselves after the term of folklore name refers to The Old Man of Andes which precisely, an aboriginal format of Electro-Pop and World Music intentions separated unites for this Quito, Ecuador group as their “Etno-Electronico musicale de la nuevos sonidos “ inspiring the next genre off the mountains highland of this third world country in the farther south parts of America continent which consisting of Alejandro Mendoza, Renata Nieto, Sebastian Schmiedl, Mateo Kingman, Jordan Naranjo to Juan Ernesto Guerrero releasing their recording full length album via El Viejo Hombre De Los Andes which courtesy over thus wordly being fluctuation beats based on the Meso-America tribal heritage and more spin-off by modern music branding ideas are here made by and recorded on Evha sounds. Uiui, Despacio Adentro, Apaga Senor El Fuego, Culebra De Monte as well as Llevo en el Pecho Flores with La Sangre Ya Se Limpio through all those thirteen inviting tracks enriched by the greatest collaborations ever made in the modern pop music history bravely, thanking the ideas of these musicians known as Evha !

El Viejo Hombre De Los Andes: