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Breakdiscodance Pee (Karkia Mistika/Verdura 2014)


   Finland’s most lesser-known bands must be a very dirtiest fucking weird or noisy as fuck or just like this one particular band named Can Can Heads would be an instrumental-spastopunkslapstickmuzakas nowadays these five-piece experimenting rockers of Janne Maki-Turja, Janne Martinkauppi, Mikko Lehtonen, Raine Liimakka and Tomi Nuotio still since the beginning already created their own strange and crazy mixture of a damned Rock music that won’t get easily listen-able for anyone to hear but must be only for some of those whom having mental disability and deranged themes to choose just like the newest late recording from those Finnish via Butter Life.     

   Nineteen songs available and composed, arranged and recorded by Can Can Heads militias for the recording which contains of looney trumpets/insane violin, bustle-crisps of kazoo or the destruction of a six string capability to nothing but an experiment after being bashed by Hardcore and more various genre from the master of metallic muzak broken Alternative career inside the blue and red tree-leaves or the mighty tree to producing bread and feeding the over-populated place with Hurrying Kids to Hell, Black Milk Angel, The Annoying & The Greedy as Guilty Bystander and Iron Man Overboard appears To Kill All the Echoes. 

Butter Life: