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Book Of Kells (Mystic Fortress 2014)

Not exactly, a formation formula over Analog Alternative on New Age or Soul spirits or Pop-Psychedelic like those you’ve already heard before in your life. As being clearly, conceived, written and performed by the duet of Page Hodges and Sam Lunsford under the name of Persia; the self-titled album releasing here contained of eight tracks of possibilities exported straight within the harmony and monotonous beats while the echoing six-strings or bass-lines following wherever the group’s going to put their feet stepping out and pointing the destination towards Aching is A Bone Thing, Adam’s Rib or Freaks and even further goes within Eye of The Needle or Lakes on The Moon which just sending the facts to NASA’s lunar rover to reviewing their recorded video and reveals the hidden truth about alien mines and home-based on that rock back to Houston a.s.a.p !Good paintings made onto front cover choice and falsetto floating voices or the beauty femme touch is in the mixing with the atmosphere being used to humanity prospect by Persia on the recording entitled Persia – not the mysticism or tyrant ancient nations with millions armies ready to conquering the world but a independent group of music/noise maker.