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Bodean Mine (Mountain Music Records 2014)

Whether you might knowing him before as Uzi Feinerman or just about a few minutes ago a month after your last holiday you met or see or just listening to this Israeli virtuoso of guitar master Uzi Ramirez as himself letting thus rocking favorable esprit never to be left alone again since then.
The combination of Rock, Folk, World, Country and Bluesy Pop may re-discovered quickly or not but either that or other reasons won’t spoiling the rest of the best performance from this guy; as he rocking out and free composing, written and arranging his own materials for the second recording release here on Cheese in My Pocket. Psychedelic, mutual, colorful, standard, not that simple and precisely, fit for anyone ranging from age of 30 to 77 for head-banging over these periodic tracks which solemnly calm as they’re coming down to shake the roots and ears of the audience as the Jazzy grooves and funked out progression led by the six-strings Rock N’ Roll or bluesy psychedelic moves – opening the gates to those whom worshipping Hendrix, Page, Blackmore to Clapton and Brian May altogether in one single package of rock musical performance. 
Call My name, Blossom, Papercuts, Love You All The Time, Surrender, Sundown Blues to The Elevator Goes Up and Down might wealthy sounding spiritual, energetic as well as alive – even with Uzi Ramirez weird vocals which sometimes came back lazy or childish. 

Idealistic !

Cheese In My Pocket: