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Blood Bubbles (Canvasback/Atlantic 2014)

   Rock band whose presence would making your day felt a better much alive as the bitter ends won’t be a great problems for the following days around even when the huge disappointed of being unlucky because you need to thanking these Elmhurst – Illinois for their western suburb-themes for Chicago really makes differences adrift includes with the existence of the band members performance from vocalist Mario Cuomo, guitarists Matt O’Keefe and Dominic Corso to Grant Brinner the bassist and Henry Brinner on drums. Hailing the infamous Socio-Politic writer legend George Orwell or feeling bored to the King of Rock legacy stories – Disgraceland would be a recording release from the band’s fourth catalogs to be discussed closely as the music comaes in psychedelic Rock grooves telling us about the different hidden safe-house in the middle of nowhere provided by the CIA for Mr. Presley after the incident shootings of JFK as the conspiracy theory may continues here or stops without a trace but the themed tracks will opening the disguises of the inside looks for the unnamed place that can’t be found on maps while the songs go rocking and relaxing via Bathroom Tile Blues, Dirty Sheets, The Rightous One to Southern Comfort through Norman (Bates ?), Always N Forever right down to North Ave.
Standard picking chords or choruses and Alternative Indie-Pop resemblance to how Oasis decide to changed their Brit-Pop sounds to the more native US cooler melodic rock and started to disappear from the public as themselves but a new faces and a new identity …