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Blinding Halo (Graveface 2014)

Easter bunny is dead and being a decoration for someone’s powerful accessories for his displaying private museum since the late easter never comes perhaps and this October; the story became urban legends as the truth reveals a matter of even there’s a chance for fakeness but most of the non-arguable people too stupid to understand or believed shall swallowing that news like a meatball to their throat.
Creepoid (the band) sending their cold depressing music sounds with Anna Troxell, Patrick Troxell, Peter Urban IV and Sean Miller performing thus thicker walls of distortion rains as well as the bass-line monotonously melodic which delivers the entrance interests for the audience through Grunge/Shoegaze or Alternative Rock for the album – Wet as Creepoid making sure that their lyrics could turning the fate into message spreading and told everyone about the tragic tale of the bunny rabbit. 

As hunter being hunted and things that you rip should becoming what you saw just like Blurry Slumber and Truth – must be reveals quickly or never late than never …