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Black Fruit Banana (AltrOck 2009)

   An Italian or non-Italian Prog-Rock or outside the country products visiting your room of suspected supervision riot non-sanity based on the influences from Frank Zappa and The Mother of Inventions which here can also been recognition via the works of this Oakland, Californai Avant-Garde band – MiRthkon as their debut recording on Vehicle did serving us as being led by Oakland,  CA guitarist/vocalist/composer Wally Scharold with his friends: Matt lebofsky (bass, keyboards, vocals), Matt Guggemos (drums), guitarist Travis Andrews and Jamison Smeltz on alto/baritone saxophone, slide whistle, percussions and Carolyn Walter (piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone and vocals offering their “different” genre for Rock in oppositions or Avant-Garde meets Progressive Rock, New Music experimental to Metal and Jazz generally; displaying thus performance of long rallies and techniques almost perfection plays via Flashbulb of Orgasm, Automaton, Zhagunk, Kharms Way through Daddylonglegz and Coven of Coyotes. Can you spell or saying Bappsciliophuaega ? Doesn’t matter just enjoy the shaking beats of oddities this afternoon …