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BK Smashed Glass (Bandcamp 2017)

The reports just came in with the panicking news-flash: there’s a chaos erupts on midtown after the giant lion-boy monster rampaging the animal shelters and the dog food shops – devastating all of them and then striking the milk trucks and donuts bins along the central parts of the most over-populated area there; City Centre Snot Monster could be your big headline claims that on Indie Rock nations there’s always a place for Progressive Rock to grow or collaborates and the proof is this mini album releasing by the band Jerk In The Can from Vancouver, British Columbia playing the opener of Barbicide which might telling the tragic story where the beautiful Barbie doll decided to stop lying to the world and tells her real sexual orientations about girls and her feelings for a girlfriend whom she now purposed before killing herself or Bowzer’s Castle taken from the basic tale upon gamer or perhaps, the facts that following thus lyrics must be real based by the social-values and Experimental Noise and Synth-Pop electro; sounding the alarms about the complexity music and simple kinds of life targets – where lucky or not, everyone needs to try and fall first before succeeded or just trapped under the giant doll’s wrath on your pathetic modern town. 

City Centre Snot Monster: