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Better Than Evil (Burning Heart 2005)

Swedish Punk Rock action figures in a form of a band naming themselves – Randy with their heavy roots over Rock N’ Roll, british sounds and some cool hooks to sell and naughty lyrics of sarcasm portions with Fredrik Granberg, Johan Brandstrom, Johan Gustafsson and Stefan Granberg cranking their popular sounds beating out the hypocrite musicians only thinking about money calculating is not how you think on Punk Rock or for Punk-Pop Rock for the releasing on this Randy The Band album recorded by Randy and the audiences would totally go nuts as the rebel music protesting to the social values or even the super-power on thus X-Rays special capability but more than that  - the entire Ramones army are ready to electrifying the authority trying to put them down on the ground while Randy still breathing and rocking with Bahnhof Zoo, Nothing On Me, Razorblade, Red Banner Rockers, Teenage Tiger to The World is Getting Bored as some parts for the poor countries kept making babies, over-populated and commercialism reign supreme to enslaving mankind by producing the most luxurious, expensive or the lies covering the truth from the public. It’s our job not to make punk-rock epic but we need to gathering hands and helping find the solutions that keep on piling-up.