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Benadryl Cars (Fat Possum 2017)

   Down to earth as beautifully like the images you shall see through the solo project turns perfectly sweet and awesome just like the main idea song-writer and singer of the New York and Nashville collaborations led by favorable girl Sophie Allison also playing the guitars or keyboards with Thomas Borrelli did the drumming and backing vocals, lead guitarist Kelton Young and bass player Jacob Corenflos praising for the “bedroom recording session” on this Folk-Pop, Indie Rock and Chill Lo-Fi semi-acoustic living efforts proven to be put on a disc by them and patch the Collection title on it. If you really loved Lisa Loeb, Nina Gordon, That Dog to many more Alternative Pop scene from the mid of nineties – you going to love Soccer Mommy inside as well as the outside atmosphere. Simple and questioning oneself in a probability of hundreds possibilities following your daily days at school, at work, on the road or somewhere else; Death By Chocolate complaining about the addictions versus bad fat for teenage body while Try has given romance a brand new loving theme but Out Worn and 3 A.M at The Party reveals about how the story on your misleading love turns to stone but sometimes behind every vaults lies the golden bucket shone by the rainbows told as wisely as she can be; Sophie Allison didn’t need to posing sexy because she already captures hearts through the Collection.