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Beast Survived (Bandcamp 2017)

   Tumultuous living over the small-talks on financial in modern life, old-timing romance and existential hedonistic document of music of Pop-senses through the dairy deeper wilds of Cork, Ireland visceral by beauty from this moniker Norwegian-born femme and London-based musician sitting to be photographed on her releasing album debut Reflection of Youth. Antique and unique but not bring too much new acts and session sounds to the global world but smaller society which always get lonely or being inferior to phobias might finding that these tracks written here like Christine, I Wanna Dance, 10 000 Voices to Wise Man may delivers a good signs of wisdom before one decided to pre-order or digitally attached themselves onto liking the music brought by Eera since.
Brave, candid, uncompromising, realized reality, smothered and not arguably, introspective for the real naming girl: Anna Lena. 
Sophomore reacting as her artistic ideas being made onto musical Pop Indie that spinning the alternatives toward the facts of boredom. 

Now you decided a must to love this chameleon girl …

Reflection of Youth: