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Battle 06:59 (Self-Released 2016)

Synth-Pop/Trance/Electronic/House or Techno from USA a you might trying to call it whatever as you wanted; but this guy maybe having the same name as your dad’s legendary rocker flutist hero from the Prog-Rock band Yes – different guy with a same name but the similarity took a course over how he make his music worth to go on markets especially to those gaming lovers fanatic just like the showing figure on the front cover on the album: there’s Robots With Malware by Ian Anderson.

As given thanks not to forgetting people whose helping this thing possible to spreading viruses around the national level via broken music shit or such. Shorter circuits or managed to survive – special thanks to Mark Bedoya (Robots) and Shelby Jueden (Malware) for the constructive basic due to [Easy Level], [Medium Level] and [Hard Level] as well as the Robot Intro or Malware Intro in angry or smiling moments of weirdo noise experiments.

Robots with Malware: