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Bal Des Ardents (Katorga Works 2014)

   Toned-murderous Punk, Oi, Hard Rock and Pop mixture in no vain but energetic full power to break the silence comes out from the Brooklyn’s lesser-known fighting rockers of Vanity debut album by Evan Radigan and Colman Durkee; the former street musicians following their traditional punkish sounds praying to fore-bearers of melodic , dirty yet sonic and driving hard faster enough Rock N’ Roll like you being listening to some vintage UK punk unit gone wild and right. Vain In Life LP must be a good choice with tracks of protests like thrown by the cultural clashes slammed via Might Trumps Thought, Can’t Be Bothered, Bit’N Turned Rabid, Martin Luther, You Don’t Know ? or Off Ya Go and Go No Bite. 

Anthemic and sing-along as well as militant sounds to gave the listeners a feeling of insecurity of the have-nots or just being scared to get bitten and becoming a prey of fate !

Vain In Life: