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Badger’s Brigade (Lidkercow Ltd. 2007)

   Genuine genius guises combinations played as a long time togetherness as experimenting infamous sextet crew off the Portland, Oregon trail-blazin’ mixed consistent Rock/Folk independent group called Blitzen Trapper comprising on Brian Koch (drums, vocals), Drew Laughery (keyboards), Michael Van Pelt (bass), Marty Marquis (guitars, keyboards, vocals) and Erik Menteer (guitars, keyboards) and Eric Earley (vocals, guitars, keyboards) like an itinerant madmen collaborating masses through the textured Alternative Rock/Indie Pop or Neo-Folk altogether blending there on the third recording release – Wild Mountain Nation as it flying free towards the grey sky and bluer morning or the darkest night as well as the stormy afternoon in nearby Autumn perhaps. Tributing the natural resources of wild living creatures and the love for music – psychedelically or modern terms available right on the lists of songs sounding harmonic and popper like The Beatles while consuming too much soft-based pills of LSD acid for the flower generation beginners. Listen carefully for the groovy acts off Futures & Folly, Woof & Warp of The Quiet Giant’s Hem, Wild Mtn. Jam, Hot Tip/Tough Cub, Miss Spiritual Tramp or Devil’s  Go-Go may flipping the camp-fire spot upside down in joy of chaos but didn’t ruining the weekend war on conservatives and bigot neighbors that annoying you every single day – criticizing what you believed and don’t – forcing the entire wood edge to convert to stupidity ideas of the greed …

Wild Mountain Nation: