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Bad Guy War (Massacre 1999)

D.D. Verni of Overkill creating his own metallic purposes aim with Spy on vocals, Jack Frost - guitar,  Charlie Calv on keyboards, drummer Tim Mallare and DD Verni on bass/guitar/vocals making their awesome Thrashy Metal of the project based on horror-themes of Goth-Metal, Cross-Over and Halloween spirits as the debut album of the self-titled releasing their almost as good as seminal sounds for those Overkill fans to bare their heads on the ground hearing the cranking rocks that bounds the cursed and the dead to rise again but the capturing aspects more important to discussed here is the way this group transforming themselves into the replacements for Type O Negative – that after the main martyr had died tragically; The Bronx Casket Co. have decided to dedicate the music to be closer sounded like the newer version of T.O.N even the logo looks infamously gothic stuff dispalying there - coven, nudity, dark side and wicked romantic lyrics.
No Miracles, Mercy Ltd. Who lives Forever, La Triste Verita and I Am God Here have turning these magnificent rockers onto a more glamour-sided mixture off Doom Metal meets Gothic Rock which resulting a very good timing record for the scare-crow or adult Horror show soundtrack. 

The Bronx Casket Co: