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Axhandle Knee (Touch And Go 1988)

   Being an inspiration for the latter names like The Offspring, Pennywise and Daredevil perhaps, also got their own influenced taken from margin levels of liking Black Flag, Minor Threat and Bad Brains too much; these Matoon, Illinois’ The Didjits pronouncing their self-inflicted Punk Rock locale attacks with guitar riffs, fast tracks and heavy Rock N’ Roll super-power sounds as the assault of a new format of Chuck Berry and Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis next evolution of music into their total slamming acts via Rick and Brad Sims brothers on guitar, vocals and drums through this third session recording off Hey Judester; blasting the effective nearly similar sounds like the old tempo of Dexter Holland’s teenager unit band as you might listen them all on (Mama had a) Skull Baby, Under The Christmas Fish, Stingray, Max Wedge, Lucille and Joliet to King Carp. Screaming out louder, stumping around and jumps the gun barricades carrying their resolutions lyrics state of protesting the late of eighty eight era where things are quite non-measured but unpredictable.

Hey Judester: