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Awes-nificent (Dead Broke Rekerds 2010)

   Gordon Lafler, Jason Lubrano, Jesse Litwa or Mike Bruno and Phil Douglas forms this Pop-Punk band in New York-New York  (USA) naming it Iron Chic and later then, not long after they’re calmly written down more songs, arranging more music and recording their own materials in the format of recording release for the debut – Not Like This; there you will having it cranked loud and maybe, pleasing your hearing sense for the love of Punk-Pop and free Indie Rock skating anthems as you might wanted to call them whatever you want these days.
   Various titles and interesting facts or fictional purposes as the background themed from some of your recognizing favorite movies or shows or other semi-legendary music without regrets righteously presenting here on Every Town has an Elm Street, Time Keeps on Slipping into The (Cosmic) Future, Cutesy Monster Man, Timecop, Black Friday to Know What I Mean Jellybean ? may not as suspicious as the pops out small creature off the yellow skull but somehow, you know that one day  (maybe) your story shall depending on these songs …

Not Like This: