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Arthur Evans Foot (Translation Loss 2014)

   The tales of how the ancient Minoans civilization used to be growing perfectly huge and advance before the great disaster occurs and destroying them into left only a history probably not too correctional as being told but some parts of it may turning on while you get a chance to listening for this motherfucking awesome Doom Metal group from San Francisco giving their messages and works via the latest album; Giant Squid (that must be experienced themselves like sightseeing those event) which consisting of Aaron John Gregory (guitars, bouzouki, vocals), Bryan Beeson (bass), Jackie Perez Gratz (cello, vocals), Andrew Southard (keys, vibraphone, vocals) and Zack Farwell (drums) truly made their materials sounding awesome as almost chaotic to hear on Minoans, the blending session of Post Progressive Metal meets Sludge and Stoner and Doomy thoughts of sharing ideas to their audiences on the topic related to rising and devastation of one most advance races in world history hidden from the eyes of public for secretly kept but then being released here within the short descriptions via Thera, Palace of Knossos, Mycenaeans onto The Pearl and The Parthenon which comes in the mixing between harder blast of slamming riffs, orchestration led to waste as well as thus semi ballad-coustic for any Classical sound lovers and traditional fans to liking this works much !