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Aquarium Dream (Not On Label 2014)

   Female Fiends aren’t actually girls or female contributing group but how come they’re looking like too sweet because of some reasons that bares deep but some macho person wouldn't like it or them as other will just accepting it as via this Too Shy To Live EP – these Kent, Washington band containing Miko Yin to Ryan Davis and Christian Olson with Christian Olson bring their Cuddle Rock which might ridiculously, friendly to female audiences or just a regular Alternative Indie Rock soft tunes as well as those smiling production tracks by Nathan McMillan and made-up music by the group themselves totally correct and safer to listen for some under-miner kids. Great painting and cover artworks and the songs too: No Excuses, Look Up and Puke or Dead Friends may did causing a little bit furor over the titles but hopefully not the meaning.

Indie smooth exports on Female Fiends, dude ?