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Anulios World (Ecstatic Recordings 2016)

   If you can render and answers about how strongly experimented and of course, weird the formulating sounds from the solo project of Novo Line (Novoline) and Nat Fowler ecstatic waving Electro-esoteric meeting between outer-spacing, astronomy, bilateral dimension to the exact fictional or Sci-Fi terminated the out-mode of capacity in hearing sense capability over how many audience still can easily enjoying these programming sensitive touches of an early Chicago House or Belgian New Beat with something taken personally through the darker side of Industrial, Techno-metallic and irrelevant reflections off the mirror and projecting them towards his parasite of mutual destructions and artistic measurements via PC capability in this meticulous terminology on Movements (the recording) being released to the listeners whom dying to have more and more experimental London music just like this (un)trial one. Shepard’s Stone as well as Octave Hammer to Lo Scoglio and Hot Piece tremendously reacting like a dull reactor of fusion between pure energy and the fuel to help making the combustions perfectly – ultimate.
No vocals only noises for those; the machine progressive sounds rather be already taking over us more like how the invasion of space-junks are now uncontrollable …