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Annabella Rose (Up & Atom Records 2013)

   Perhaps, maybe an answer from the Punk Rock scene out of Portsmouth - UK off Greed Day’s fame worldwide spreading their influences as these quartet of pure Punk-Pop and Emo-Pop concisting of Tony (vocals, bass), Sim (guitar, vocals), Trevor (guitar, vocals) and Owen (drums) really not making any sense but trying to entertaining your hearing session with the ordinary song-lists written by the band and The Exposed comes back with the deal for Static Armageddon in full length; as motivating everyone to get up and fight back the next tomorrow with a brand new spirits and don’t giving up yet. Small but powerful tracks per tracks might herding your attentions to the very good source for Pop-Punk explosion that you can been seeing through the last window on a piece of wall as you sitting quietly watching the end of day blows everything out but music. 

Tunes that might caught your attention: To Your Demise, Sleeping’s Waste of My Youth, Young Dead & Remembered onto Flowers Never Bend, And The Rest …

Static Armageddon: