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Alcoholic Tea Shot (Barry Goldstein Records 2015)

Grungy cute or not along the facts that they’re experimenting themselves to be odd as working hard to make their own brands in musical project; Aaron Hutzler (drums, gong), Andres Caputo (guitar, vocals, keys), Jeremy Gordon (guitar, vocals, synth) to Cyndy Chan (bass, vocals) and Josh Boyd (vocals, guitar, theremin, synth) off Trick Sensei group from Portland having the proof here on No Mesmerizer doesn’t pique-ing your interest that Garage Rock may sounded a little bit strange on their fingers to create the noise for ears. Audience would agree to disagree that these people playing as simple as progressive like they wanted to be and feel. Abstract intentions or influences from the tracks like Hyper and Lazy, So We Create a Tour de Force of Minimalist Proportions or Open D for Daddy (Not Mine) might spreading some attractions or don’t but who cares.

As long as the artistic aspects achieved well for the musicians – different opinions are just an option !

No Mesmerizer: