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Alafin 10:21 (Manana Records 2017)

   Iranian-based Electro-technician project for the unexplored between Afro-Cuban and raw energy combinations Folklore “Noise” meaning in Yaruba for the works of trio of London’s influential Cubanos talents: Oreste Noda, Yelfris Valdes and grammy winner Hammadi Valdes with electronic composer Pouya Ehsaei processing their live instruments as created those soundscapes and hypnotical drawn-influences rhythms of Cuba and Tehran as well. Ariwo makes the debut releasing short recording that sounding enriched within so many various traditional music forms, energetic beats and mystic-tinged system by communal advising arrangements and composes via Ariwo’s self-titled recording in their aboriginal/Dub-Techno beats with Latin, Folk-World to Country perhaps – sitting altogether around the firewood and extracting To Earth and Caldera and Gahambar are ancestral.
Institutionally, bigger like the force of nature calls …