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Agallah Rising (Independent 2014)

   Progressive Symphonic Goth Metal of Cracow (Poland) comprising for Maciej Dunin-Borkowski (guitar), Grzegorz Janiga (bass), Edyta Szkolut (vocals) Bartosz Janczarski (durms) and Marta Rychlik (violin) independently forcing their slow bashing momentum for the full length album entitled – Obsession; with those great techniques over the drumming, awesome vocals overdriven the other instruments clearly and the bashing bass-line, harmony clarity violin and riffs or melodic solos proven that these Polish metalheads aren’t just an ordinary thing comes out to pop through the metal-scene of Europe. Written tracks and lyrics in English as the female members of the band looking too damn gorgeous sweet for rocking hard but they did it; Nonamen (the group) would be a good answer for the long-term existence of thus Gothic-Metal community led by female to ruling the scene of symphonic rock music realm once again.
Hear them sewing harmony and bashing harder via Black Rose, Control Sleepingfall or Necrocreative. 

Sounded beautiful and edgy as well, right ?