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Aeonflux (Independent 2011)

   Three-piece of the Hydro-Funk Electronic experiences from Boulder, Colorado comprising of these talented trio; Andrew Clymer (bass/synths), Kevin Donohue (guitar/keys/beat synthesis) and Chris Anderson (live drums/percussion) with the sensual vocals from Emma Fields where the intensive living sounds from guitars, Funk future, Electronic Jazz and Motown inflictions through thus samplings or performance to forcing the listeners to dance via Enhance recording released by the group – Sunsquabi shall since then being considered as one of the good solidify sound-makers out there even though not internationally, famous. Abstracting arts off the cover painting by Hart Lipton and the parade of funky sounds via Green, In The Studio, Crooked, C.H.E.A, Coming Back Rich and Rage Thrust might be blended into one batter and turned up to Lockpick and sealed the room for you and friends only – so, the gladness and fun situations won’t slipper out by the small holes on the wall.