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Advert Finger Boogie (Anagram Records 1997)

   Bristol’s Street Anarcho Punk Rock on their underground best times and more protesting efforts against the Tory and the Conservative bigots on the house of representa-shit or the pork-liament  and they’re hating you too for making money out of Punk and then, trying to kill it and tell the world it is dead. Raw and standard and Rock N’ Roll rebels all the way is what you seek here when one got the good hand gripping shake with the non-popular seminal Hardcore and harsh lyrics with punchy music – by Chaos UK alone. Line-up established unwell with Simon Greenham (vocals), Andy Farrier (guitars), Adrian Rice (bass) and Richard Potts (drums) releasing several “bad anarchist” albums considerable by the fucking governments whom they hate and hated them as well; comes this late nineties as the rising on Punk Rock back fronting the march over the brand new world with secrets and lies and conspiracy  under The Morning After The Night Before as bashing out some Oi Rock and Punk mostly, listen and do the pogo in violence for Dis-Gruntled, No Mess Panic, Take Me Back to San Clemente, Another Punk Rock Day, Wishful Thinking, Collateral Damage or Vegetable Soup may accompanying our breakfast, runaways or daily low payment jobs even tomorrow the world going to end – socially, awkwardly.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night – fuckers !

The Morning After The Night Before: