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Adult Fuck Costume (Manhand/Very Friendly 2005)

   Personal developments on psycho Psychedelic with Progressive Rock taste from the collaborations new vibes and members collectively unites for the almost the same interests which formed Sunburned Hand of The Man that is a Boston, MA reality offers which changing their name from Shit Spangled Banner reflecting their newer options for adventurous musical through the neo-era of more experimental taste over tales or folklore or futuristic delighted illuminations for Prog-Rock reference enlightenments as names like Adam Nodelman, Chad Cooper, Christine Steele, Critter Jordan to David Bohill, Paul LaBrecque to Rich Pontius and Ted Lee to Ron Schneiderman might comes back to the surface with their actions/reactions of free improvisations on Experimental Psychedelic Rock and Jazz electro over the releasing for Complexion. Fear not the weirdness and strange sounds comes and echoing to go by membranes; sticking pursue of nothingness as well as thus lost signals shambling in wired out communications from far away dimension to the nearest stars on the orbit – changing daily themes into something completely different and un-explainable like Glass Mask, Defacing The Facts, Dancing with The Double Edged Sword or The Main Vein.