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Acqua Amore (Independent 2013)

Johannes Schulz made this one man bad orchestral with magical almost occult-mystique related to strings arrangements for the interactive deep space of earth, moon and sun knowledge through Elfenliebe (Love of The Elves) recording as the force of regenerating nature felt as it flowing directly to open the minds and souls to nurtured intact within the guitar, flute, voices and even synthesizers which carried as it been from the beginning for Vintage Cucumber project meet the explorations above the universal sky. The album that celebrates the end of our harvest time and the fall season moments within the year as the mighty sun god went setting to his final sleep or death before reborn back again a new in strength and power as the musical orchestrations composes led the chanting and the harmony melodies lullabying the hibernating phase as the moon goddesss also slowly waxing as gain the force on her own where the planet of mother earth breathing the life changes by the season circle affections. Blatter Der Schlaferin, Schwirrflug, Vahla’s Elefantenwinde and Kuss Mich Baby … drives the eternity prayers of the old ways within the blessing spells to yet then – accompanying the resting souls of the heroes and gentles and holy elders to Walhalla.