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Abjuration Faith (Iron Bonehead Productions 2017)

   H.P Lovecraft’s fanatic fans as the American’s cult author inspired the Chilean extreme Black Metal/Death Metal/Thrash Metal alliance in sound as aesthetical barbaric to foulest ends of sonic spectrum violence by themes and blood-gore bestial incantations right there over the Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X) release album by Unaussprechlichen Kulten that sounding so germanic but imported straight from Santiago – Chile.
   On this fourth installments from the deathly hollowed crew: Joseph Curwen (guitars/vocals), Butcher of Christ (drums), Herbert West (guitars) and Namru Impetradorum Mortem (bass) as Occult Death Metal troops within their symphonic riffs and chords to the medium or faster double pedals wrath sounds over the metallic displays and satanic pagan or whatever you need to call them – just beware that the rituals in harmony or the chaos in Metal Death blackest lyrics can distracting your beliefs and minds as well.
Don’t listen to Sacrificio Infanticida, The Mark of The Devil, Lujuria Carnal Con Incubos or Firma El Libro de la Muerte and The Woman The Devil and The God’s Permit. 

Not because some are too sadist but because it’s forbidden things to taste terribly …

Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X):