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18 Morceaux (Universal Pictures 2015)

   Directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring the two siblings of Becca and little brother Tyler taken by their single mom Loretta to go for staying with their grand-parents whom they’re haven’t seen again since a long time and the five-days planning seems to be eve boring to discuss but a must as the exciting mom going out with her new boyfriend on a cruise. 
Kinds of documentary meets found-footage and yep – it’s a suspense thrilling film to watch while your parents was out and you just being supervised by the grandma. The busy smart Tyler keeps going to shoot some of his project movie videos and soundtrack while Becca just wanted to know more about their mom’s absents by leaving these two old folks since long time ago and married then to their dad – whom also ditching them for a younger girl and runaway since but just when the siblings first night comes staying to their grandparents old house – things just about to get weirder with strange sounds and behaviors acted as intentional or seems to be like possessed their grandparents (Pop Pop and Nana) that turning the weekend holiday boredom into the living shit-hell for them as well as the found out about how a medical term of Sundowning really affecting the oldies and making them ferocious, behaviors completely shocking, depressed or moody as the nights continues and the days also leaving Becca and Tyler experiencing more and more terrible and almost horrible events with their grand-parents. 
The truth reveals almost too late with the dead of a counseling woman, mental torturing and the acts that Pop Pop and Nana aren’t their real grandpa and grandma !
The Visit Movie Soundtrack composed and compiled exactly fitting the whole of most scene on the entire movie like Stand Tall by WarChild, The Three Wisemen by Sat. Nite Duets to Mary Schneider's Mocking Bird Yodel or Generation from East Coast Connection and the rest of thus classics tunes and the thrilling escapes lies in-between the cleaning-in oven or the mad old-man's poop wiping to your face moments.