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1-800-Owen Battle (Varese Sarabande 2003)

Stephen King scores horrendously big again when his works being upgraded to the theater-stage on the big picture movie Dreamcatcher; the science fiction Horror directed by Lawrence Kasdan based on the same novel starring Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis and Timothy Olyphant with Tom Sizemore and Donnie Wahlberg as the film opened with the flashback childhood of four best friends: Jonesy, Beaver Pete and Henry in Maine, happens to have their special ability for telephatic powers accepted as a gift while saving another boy with mentally handicapped – Duddits or Douglas Cavell. As then after they’re all grown up these old pals decided to have a weekend reunion to hunt some wild animals together when their cabin being unluckily announced by the military as a quarantine zone because of an un-explained natural event occurs there, leaving them stuck in the middle of blizzard snow and frozen wood trying to find their way back to civilization. Insane subversive Colonel Abraham Curtis and his right hand man Owen Underhill had capturing and moved some of those local residents into a concentration camp as CDC and the military observed and testing them whom already got infected by the alien residue or being held a host by them – which look like a giant worms with sharp teeth attacking and infecting healthy people from the sick patients to spreading colonies via infections through out the area as for the stage and screen classical film score original soundtrack by James Newton Howard with the help from Pete Anthony the conductor orchestration has made this related story between alien-being super natural power and old native American handcraft for Animal Exodus, The Weasel, The Debate to Henry Returns to The Cabin as well as What Are You Up To ? while the last scene being a bit epic when Duddits show up to destroying the evil giant slug monster from outerspace asn the military fails to contaminate the event but the water reservoir and the world once again being saved from destructible spreading of alien disease syndrome on their mission to invading the planet for resources …

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