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Dryad’s Moon Oath (Dark Age Productions 2016)

   Eerie dark shadowy figure under the hooded mantle seems to looking scary, mystique and mysteriously, staring at you while your body cannot move a muscle; asking questions about what or who is that would be ? An evil spirits or the wiser wizard might be a tricky option but the aliases for Josh Cook or Bard Algol Eriboas may magically turned onto this primitive Ritual music project issuing himself as Cernunnos Woods.
   As he brings the compilations of the works entirely on years within Forest Anthology, spreading the spells and chants praising the dark and the light ones – of gods and goddesses above and down below. As the Electronic Ambient of Darker-Wave and Dungeon-Synth ruling the atmosphere for the audiences would be sitting and patiently, listen to these delivering offers and mythical of the Folklore beliefs among pagans through the themed tracks like Return to Infra-Green, Horned is The Hunter, Echoes of Knowledge in Ancient Stone, The Imbolc Stag and Funeral March – all interfering and intriguing the common conservative senses not to believe this harmonic melodies coming from the hidden magic and ancient heritage long forgotten but lives forever as old as the planet herself. 

From Chaska - Minnesota Blessed Be The Season and The Harvest and The Upside to the Down-side; Blessed Be The Elements of Life. Blessed Be – Blessed Be …

Forest Anthology:

Men Of Clay (Not On Label 2012)

   Got the perfect Melodic Metal of Folk-Symphonic Heavy Rock themes and quite courageous lead vocals; for All Souls Night or The Beginning or The Wicked Wheel and plenty tracks available here on the self-written materials by the irish-ed name taken for the group magical identity as Triddana or Fights and the magic of Scottish and Irish Folkish heritage and Heavy metal techniques by the beauty and magic tempos in rocking start-up being popularized by these Spaniard from Argentina rock band consisting of Diego Valdez (vocals), Pablo Allen (bagpipes), Juan Jose Fornes (guitars) and Fernando Marty (bass) with Ranz on drums playing their powerful Folk Metal as it growing faster and more talented to listen into by you and the rest of Folkish Metal lovers within the debut entitled Ripe For Rebellion. Between the bloodiest wars or battles and the celebrations of victory of the ritualistic series of pagan calendar beliefs event may commonly, written here as the themes twart the enemies and the celebrating season in greetings if it’s not by swords just like Spoke The Firefly and Reaper’s Lullaby would be entirely – won’t meet a ground.
   Cranking this for the good old sake on the past dark ages to the brighter enlightenment tomorrow where there’s no more burning valleys but bonfires.

Ripe For Rebellion:

Litus Samoni Wexta (Independent 2016)

   A Traditionalist group of musicians carrying their old ancient beliefs onto the friendly music to share as bare the ground celebrating every single days of time expanding in front of their eyes – either banishing or quickly paced the stepping of visible visions walks over the universal surroundings here beneath the wings of nurturing Mother Earth’s force. The Ritual Pagan Folk sounds with performance of musical instruments by Sephirus Oakborn (violin, backing vocals), Torano (bagpipes, synths), Kluto (guitars) and Waili (dudjeroo, backing vocals and other instruments) as affiliating their line of lives within the grace and the wrath of the higher spirits and powerful creators from their hometown of Gallaecia through the mountains and forests telling us the history, legends and spiritual of pagan worshiping ancestry and the world as Drusuna evokes you and the audiences as well as the surrounding creatures and unseen spirits realm to gain and bounds through their musical companion releasing on this record Kaytos Kom - an evocation of a Kaytos demeanor incoming event.
   These Portugese band mixing the likes for Ambient Folk to Celtic, Neo-Folk Pagan and World Music onto their blending cauldron of spells and chants through Tirros Drusunas (Land of Drusuna), Spiralis Amsteras (Spiral of Time) or Cernunnos – invoking and celebrates the rebirth of the Forest God via the ancient ritual on music performance which also accompanying with the seductive female background vocals and tribal percussion – sending your consciousness asleep and then awaken for the new perceptions knowledge of the olden days’ olden ways of rules and laws as the preserving of planet  must be ours. 

Kaytos Kom:

Xerox Cosmos (Pinata Records 2015)

   Simple, Rock N’ Roll jangling people and common taste for the influential caught from names like Excel, Protex or The Gizmos even Buzzcocks and the Minneapolis polished group naming themselves Mystery Date is consisting  of Grady, Johnny and Steve as being a two singers and sensible of Pop-Punk power enduring record producing with the self-writing materials to be recorded for modern moods on New Noir. Power-Pop and Punk with harmony of the sixties meet the nineties era sounds of Alternative Rock music heritage soon shall caught your interest if you really into songs that telling about the story on Foreign Affaris, White City, Safety Trigger, Wouldn’t You Like to Know or This Can Only End in Tears as the anonymous meeting with romance and cheering tempos will be a great fashionable passion to your ears to listen.
Even when the World Comes Crashing; this album really helps you to getting through it singing the along-choirs together with Mystery Date three !

New Noir:

Inebrianthem (Not On Label 2013)

   Riff-age distortion and bashing tempos freshly punching the hooks made by this South African group – Crossfire Collision with Bruce Mc Dougall, Devon Martindale, Matthews James and Sean Devey frontally, bursting their semi-aggressive music sounds as the mixture of Melodic Hardcore-Punk and sequels of harmony background vocals like Bad Religion in a different formation looks too damn good to leave behind and the debut album entitled Panic Face would infinitely shows us the bravest new generation that never afraid to sharing their visions about the last end of the world through their common minds. 
   The attacks of mad giant robots from outer space like the governments telling you on the news is actually, their own project mistake turning uncontrollable then, unleashed and raging the land – devastating the modern civilizations to conquering the planet themselves because they’re smarter than us  - thanks to the inventions of the artificial intelligent ten years ago that already predicts to advancing farther from the maker’s vision for the future. 
Punkish melodic blasts and stories via Derek Watts, Invented The Lightbulb, Horizons, Gridding From Ear to Ear, Fighting a Shadow and Caught in The Crossfire can’t be ignored by anyone shouting “Heyo” that day. 

Screaming after the first glimpse of fear seeing it comes with the destructive strength will make you understand the deal – but it’s too late …

Panic Face:

Juicy Desire Things (Columbia/Chaos 1992)

   Heavy Metal rocking crew off New York City that sounded not too damn Hardcore or Punkish like any NYC bands used to sounding like – these trio bashing your hearing within their likes for Hard Rock, Hair Metal and of course, Rock N’ Roll and little bit of Bluesy Rock as the high-pitched toned vocals and classic rock solos and chords will avenging the missions to interacts and taken your interest to focusing on them; Nik Chinboukas (vocals/guitars), Gustavo J. Vitureira (bass) and Alex Kyriazis (drums) currently did their best effirt recording over this misconduct division for the launching site test of a nuclear war-heads  as you may sitting in front row – the best seat around with them witnessing the force of destruction behind the gas masks. From the childhood friends to the highly influenced by Led Zeppelin must be making these guys a good solid comparison to your vision for a lesser-known but awesome band around too.
   Through the debut Colllision; Who Do You Love, True Love, Chains to Give Me 5 Days, Creepin’ or Maximum Respect shall be some of those remarkable tracks from this Collision trio to amazed your Heavy Metal hour of the good kickin’ ass music !


The Rose Bed (Independent 2017)

   Not a miracle for being a Montreal raised but a New Yorker born singer, musician and lyricist known as the Common Holly is actually, as Brigitte Naggar putting her framework onto thus Folk-Pop and mystique project in acoustic guitar templates as eclectic as contemplating themes vulnerably but wiser by the listening sense to us to bare over the Autumn atmosphere and broken-feelings still the enthusiasm peeling the layers on emotions one by one via the performance between Brigitte Naggar and Devon Bate; with additional piano by Jean-Michel Blais to Kyle Hutchins on drums as well as Amelia Castillo did the violins and Laurence Gaudreau for cello – serving the harmony intentions as the winds breezing below the thin clouds and the dry leaves swirling in brownish/oranges colors for making the themes enact on In my Heart, Devil’s Doubt or Nothing and If After All releasing through the album Playing House making sense a lot for thus twin siblings relationships to kept attaching many years from now.

Playing House:

Acqua Amore (Independent 2013)

Johannes Schulz made this one man bad orchestral with magical almost occult-mystique related to strings arrangements for the interactive deep space of earth, moon and sun knowledge through Elfenliebe (Love of The Elves) recording as the force of regenerating nature felt as it flowing directly to open the minds and souls to nurtured intact within the guitar, flute, voices and even synthesizers which carried as it been from the beginning for Vintage Cucumber project meet the explorations above the universal sky. The album that celebrates the end of our harvest time and the fall season moments within the year as the mighty sun god went setting to his final sleep or death before reborn back again a new in strength and power as the musical orchestrations composes led the chanting and the harmony melodies lullabying the hibernating phase as the moon goddesss also slowly waxing as gain the force on her own where the planet of mother earth breathing the life changes by the season circle affections. Blatter Der Schlaferin, Schwirrflug, Vahla’s Elefantenwinde and Kuss Mich Baby … drives the eternity prayers of the old ways within the blessing spells to yet then – accompanying the resting souls of the heroes and gentles and holy elders to Walhalla.


Pimu Child (Lolipop Records 2017)

   Just because you’re coming from Laguna Beach, California doesn’t mean that you’re playing cheesy music that sucks but as the vintage Rock N’ Roll from the West Coast with Heavy Rock-tinged following the melodic solos or the mid-tempo off the performance via Ecstatic Union’s self-titled album – Ecstatic Union helding their atmospheric smokey haze for Psychedelic Folk-Rock and Tribal blending beats in order to spreading the lost Flower Generation’s spirits and the swinging utterly power of the progressive musical via the west side shores since the sixties until now – spawning these good trio musicians and better but mystical album to listening to. From your favorite Illuminator to Ancient Eyes, In The middle of The Night to Muse of Color; way onto thus Beautiful Darkness and Sight of View and Lady Dance closing the gate of musical performance on the groovy rocks your bottom off.
A promise that one and more of the audience among hundreds shall wanted to have more from these group; reserved well on the groovy melodies and harmony vocals companion for the harvesting hour over the rest of October – preparing for the winter to come as the cold winds begun to come down the mountain valleys.

Ecstatic Union:

Deadline Sadistic (Not On Label 2012)

   Even though the group have already decided to separating their ways and contributions but that won’t be a permanent one just like the last Conan’s heroic and epic journey without the finishing end and via that these Aussie’ Metal-Heads or you can say, “Speed-Metal Warriors” may sounding very fast, sharp and dangerous – they’d really devastating and harmful to any listeners that trying to have them and their album played on the stereo. Tight collision between lead solos, power drumming and sustainable bass-line and great epoch vocals to entertaining your thirsts over Speed Power Metal maniac of Sabretung are here be at least, not fake but forcible as the hero warrior alone crossing the sea of ice and fire and fighting the slayer wicked dwellers of the deep caves and underground well of the earth; the Heavy Metal is his weaponry and the recording is his conquest for glory.

An Offer of False Hope, Deadline, Endless Winter and The Return (Enthroned) have creating Martyr, Hedonistic and Merciless and Collision – the album had leading us to the new territory overruled and then, under the throne of bloody battles and greed; expanded. 

Doug, Yates, Mick or Jangles never forgetting to greet you to stay heavy !


Opera Tethered Subtle (Bandcamp 2017)

   Harmonizing the Indie-Pop adjective-suitable aura for the group’s obsessions to Porg-Rock but keeping the Pop sensational culture alive inside their music and Small Leaks Sink Ships that currently a Portland, OR residents now shaping themselves a four-piece band as they’re playing the performance – abbreviates ont Experimental Art-Rock, cinematic Indie Rock and of course, Pop intentions as for that; the music for Golden Calf (perhaps, taken while the Israelites didn’t arguably seeing the real one being stolen by the group of men from the far future dimension. Modern and artistic and fresh and beat-able; Ryan Garner, London Van Rooy, Judd Hancock and Jeff Mandel Jr.  given their all-out ideas miraculously would turned them all into songs just like these nine off this recording. Dancing Devil sounds brave and seductive while Creepin’ is closer to the weirdy romance or Airplane Junkyard in about three minutes and fifty-three seconds to Dear john  Connor may difficultly, realted to the movie about cyborg from outer space starring Arnold Schwarzenegger or not.
Who damn care ! 
You may not thinking too long and too much because your body and soul already busy sing-along and dancing silly following the good greater songs.

Golden Calf:

Black Fruit Banana (AltrOck 2009)

   An Italian or non-Italian Prog-Rock or outside the country products visiting your room of suspected supervision riot non-sanity based on the influences from Frank Zappa and The Mother of Inventions which here can also been recognition via the works of this Oakland, Californai Avant-Garde band – MiRthkon as their debut recording on Vehicle did serving us as being led by Oakland,  CA guitarist/vocalist/composer Wally Scharold with his friends: Matt lebofsky (bass, keyboards, vocals), Matt Guggemos (drums), guitarist Travis Andrews and Jamison Smeltz on alto/baritone saxophone, slide whistle, percussions and Carolyn Walter (piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto/tenor/baritone saxophone and vocals offering their “different” genre for Rock in oppositions or Avant-Garde meets Progressive Rock, New Music experimental to Metal and Jazz generally; displaying thus performance of long rallies and techniques almost perfection plays via Flashbulb of Orgasm, Automaton, Zhagunk, Kharms Way through Daddylonglegz and Coven of Coyotes. Can you spell or saying Bappsciliophuaega ? Doesn’t matter just enjoy the shaking beats of oddities this afternoon …


Zombified Candy Christ (Hammerheart Records 2012)

   Bjorn Lemmen, Boris Janssen, Job van de Graaf, Luc Van Rens and Wouter Wagemans build this Grindcore van Dutch within the brutality violence of Hardcore influences as Collision truly will go grinding your face, body and ass to soul; making them all flat and destroyed into pieces and the proof must be arrived here when the group releasing their decision to leaving the faith behind as a priest and started to go out and cleansing the society from repeating their fucking sins over and over again as a religious hypocrite. Fast Thrash meets Deathand Grind meets Hardcore meets everything insane might spawning the entire music of the extreme album entitled – A Healthy Dose of Death; the not too satanic Slayer-kind of extremity but with the stillness of senses and taste for pleasure over living  - like breeding females and torturing the unlucky victims although some parts of them really onto Horror themes as well. My Super Sweet Stalker, Machine Girl, Fucked Up and Wasted, Charming Chicks with a Crucifix and Going Nuts with Splattered Guts feeding your emotions for louder, faster and non-conformist adult problems facing the world today. Crazy shootings, suicide bombers, chaotic society and time’s ticking to doomsday – truly now being our carousel ride in the new millennium.

A Healthy Dose Of Death:

Sprinkler Win (Bandcamp 2013)

   Right from first to lasts – the Hardcore- Punk Rock and Skater-Rock blending really put your aggressive attitude fronting the lead of being everything angry and needs to releasing those energy into some kind of positive activity then, surely that the self-titled recording here by Party Animals off Oakland, LA must be one of those days when comedy moments and mosh-pit fisting fights aren’t the shameful or sinful to do but after that and after that’s that – one against another needs to showing some spontaneous good intentions not to prolong and hatred each other cause the negative energy already being totally – released here with Party Animals.
Shorter than your grandpa’s dick but honestly, superb fast and stronger carried those messages and lyrics which are against the commercialism, racism and fascism all in one hard kicking to their crotch within Beer Machine, I Love Society (Oil! Oil! Oil!) as fuck up as the nearly Thrasher to Grindcore Punk models of brutal sounds are there with Magic is Not Real, Tall Grass, Nacho Steppin Stone, Crucial Questions and The First of The Verse of The Tao Te Ching – really seems cannot be tamed entirely, cause the group will definitely bite back. You Can Fuck The System But The System’s Gonna Fuck You Too – would be a great example about the maturity and the wiser thoughts shared by them !

Party Animals:

Tennessee Jed (Bandcamp 2015)

   Thanks to Sagol 59 & Ami Yares and friends for their loving as endlessly to their favorite Psychedelic Rock band and singer of all-time as the recording together for a respecting cover album via The Promised Land The Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia Hebrew Project which becoming the first tribute album in Hebrew as far as we know; the lyrics transforming into Hebrew language as the unit of musicians ready to giving their best here like Naaman Shadmi (keyboards), Avsha Elan on bass guitar, Gon Amir the drummer and Jason Reich playing mandolin as well as the main characters duo – Sagol 59 on vocals, guitars with Ami Yares playing electric and acoustic guitars, oud, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and backing vocals as they’re bringing back the classic hits made written by The Grateful Dead like Mission in The Rain, Cold Rain & Snow, Sugaree, Bertha, Me & My Uncle to I Know You Rider with over sixteen tracks consisting inside this album that you and your hippie parents needed to have for collections. 

The Promised Land (album) Link:

Soak The Sun Up (Independent 2015)

   Perhaps, it would be so freaking weird if you never gets the artistic sided for Sheryl Crow being one of our favorable, energetic and creative singer, artists and musician ever exists within our times to helping us getting through the minimalist to the maximized moments of ours and by that perhaps, this recording made off Seattle - WA as collectively local musicians gift as a good Tribute to Sheryl Crow via VA Summer of Sheryl probably, won’t really worthy to listen at first but maybe after several take-outs and repeats you may capturing most of the craziest versions but never losing their respects for Mr. Crow’s works via this record. From Gretchen Grimm, S (Jenn Ghetto) did Strong Enough by their version to Usury’s My Favorite Mistake that come haunts, Soak Up The Sun in Pop-Punk alternative version from Lisa Prank or Nicole Snyder (Slutever) and Diva McQueen or Jennie LaBonte smiling sings …

Jagermeister Jerry (CNR Music/Animal 1998)

Pop-Gabber to Happy Hardcore Techno delivery from Amsterdam, The Netherlands providing  by Jeff “Abraxas” Porter and Jeroen Flamman where Rave-music would kills you the haters instead even before one ordering their drinks but instead of being angry and disliking the inter-terrestrial music products from the project calling themselves as Party Animals; you might wanted to look around you and grab some delicious ass-babes just for yourself over the sexual content small talks, lips touching, wild cuddling to liquid exchanging that inverted the most society laws of forbidden acts towards strangers but not today.
As the lights are gone for good and darkness slowly creeps and bring you courage to not being a beat-addiction Hippie but brave mercenaries of the dance-floor, twenty songs of bewildering atmosphere via Hosanna Superstar probably, can give you something that you can’t understand at first. Keep on possessed by the sounds or the blasts because Rave-underground society should be the best place for finding temporary pleasures, soul-mates or even victims. Let the bang-a-loud tracks like Follow The Leader, Step into The Afterlife, Red Radio, Blow Your Brains Out, Sick S.O.B or Gabber is Dood ? which mostly written by Michael, Paul, Roberts and Thijs having the balancing respects on gods, demons and being creatively having fun without limits. 

Hosannah Superstar:

Six Arms One Leg (Cocoon Recordings 2008)

   Perfect for the one to waiting for the end of the last minutes of their lives and days passing too fast in nano-seconds; where the icy snow falling down like breeze outside but it’s not Christmas yet. The ashes of those which used to be great civilizations or the green forest disappearing in front of your eyes; the beats of non-monotonous mixes well deserved your attentions to grab your intentions as these infamous Electro-pulses led by the Minilogue as an actual messaging service music machine formed by the Swedish duo – Marcus Henriksson and Sebastian Mullaert whether they’re use electric violin, the synthesizers, live music instruments to the mixing samples of weird noises as well as the blending sessions over thus minimal Ambient Techno-House and irregular formats of Dance beats trusted to bring the guarding Animals as an album for your ultimate guidance or companion inside the old cabin with loneliness prevails as nobody around your-side anymore at that final hours as Hercolubus might really getting closer to struck down planet earth. The extinctions we’ve caused to the natural supreme beings and landscapes believed to be the reasons of why most of the creatures praying for the end of the day sooner as the mankind are no more perhaps, the new beginning would be perfectly, grows back slowly and safety with no greed and ego of lust left to conquering but living in sensibility for all creations aftermath. This recording tells us about the darkest hours and the memories left unspoken beneath the shadows of doubt and suspicious where even inside the oddities you might find the kindness message or confusing images to curing thus distorted collisions caused by the greed of men. Meaningful or meaningless; one may loving the double discs album off Animals which collaborating its perpetual last matters towards these man-made tracks like Cow Crickets and Clay, Hitchhiker’s Choice, Giant Hairy Super Monster, Old Water, City Lights to Swamp Op and Europhonia before the Outro’s gone along with our precious planet and existence.


Dixie Sick Word (Not On Label 2017)

   The band members are actually among friends as the ideas for gathering the powerful grooves of Southern Rock and Hard Rock techniques started to take controlling as the results may hit the jackpot as the group gaining their original materials which written and arranged altogether by guitarist Seawolf Dee with Ocean Ford on bass guitar, Mike O’Clock on rhythm guitar, Danny Vondirtbag behind the drum-set and female vocalist Lauren Banshee not only loved to drinking sweet tea in the afternoon and since then – Piston Ready formed. Within this Scat Pack ’68 drivin’, rollin’, crashin’ and long waited full length by their small fanatic fans just a good fuckin’ straightforward Rock N’ Roll in your face; a little LA guns flavored to deep fried Southern drip and of course, Motor City sounds making the steel pedal or the metal clashing into and tires smoking blacked smoke while the noisy speeding is non-arguable favorite as fuck for the rednecks and the audience loving Nascar or Indie500 getting this album as a better soundtrack for facing the danger of risky business on car racing and living daily on the Southern parts of the states. 
Slamming the road blocks with (The Legend of) White Thunder, Hammerhead, Breakdown and Hot Action; where long solos are god’s will and standard bass-lines and sensual vocals leads to sins are affordably – legal there !

Scat Pack '68:

Aquarium Dream (Not On Label 2014)

   Female Fiends aren’t actually girls or female contributing group but how come they’re looking like too sweet because of some reasons that bares deep but some macho person wouldn't like it or them as other will just accepting it as via this Too Shy To Live EP – these Kent, Washington band containing Miko Yin to Ryan Davis and Christian Olson with Christian Olson bring their Cuddle Rock which might ridiculously, friendly to female audiences or just a regular Alternative Indie Rock soft tunes as well as those smiling production tracks by Nathan McMillan and made-up music by the group themselves totally correct and safer to listen for some under-miner kids. Great painting and cover artworks and the songs too: No Excuses, Look Up and Puke or Dead Friends may did causing a little bit furor over the titles but hopefully not the meaning.

Indie smooth exports on Female Fiends, dude ?


Dog Fight (House Of Rock 2010)

   Your favorite new project for the owner of Rock N’ Roll with the Twist touches ruling the dance-floor and the audiences of old and young shall be crazily dancing and kissing and doing as the party goes on all night long back in time to the vintage days of the sixties and seventies where this might sounded like a time-travelling story fake and made-up but actually, The Twistaroos is a real group forming by several semi-legendary rock-heads off the Scandinavian/Norwegian area like Andre Dahlmann, Morten Henriksen to Vibeke Saugestad comes back with a more delighted almost insane teasing toward the manic medium tempos for the blending on Garage Rock, Soul, Twist and Funk as being established for song-writing, musical arranging and tracks composing over the debut recording together here over Twisted! 
Everyone shall overwhelmed knowing that old music never out of date and may lived forever as long as thus old rockers or the new generations keeps on developing their style but never stop looking back and mixed thus ingredients just like most of them also loved The Ramones’ Punk Rock legacy as well. Everybody Say Hey!, (Let’s Go) Where The Action Is, The Chase, Chills and Fever, I Like It Like That to Animal Instinct right down onto I May Never Get To Heaven perhaps, keeping in mind that Rock – no matter how softer the form would become shall always being a rebel to the establishment society point of views and pressures. 

Grab a partner and jump-off and yell a happy shout-out !


Cheater Cheap Thrills (Scooch Pooch 2000)

   Orebro – Sweden answer for the greater Punk-Rock with their glamour side added there as well as you would love how the new inline format over Hair Rock and Glam Metal comes back to the scene via this genre of music camouflage and distrusting the debates over them; leaving the media to worshiping them back again because the world which once had enough with the term of sex, drugs and Rock N’ Roll cannot lived too long without them. When you naming those means that Rock N’ Roll needs a fresh blood like Punk Rock and the comeback won’t get sensational without the reigning claims from glamour sensibility and edgy riffs fast enough but never stop teasing the listeners ears to sing-along or loving the rebel aspects entirely different from the trendy shitty music today.
Henrik Wind, Johan Maelstrom, Lurgo Fransson, Magnus Hageras and Oswald Wolfbrandt of The Peepshows releasing their second and best records ever produced and sell onto the market; Mondo Deluxe had everything you needed to from a rebel yell music project – City of The Damned, 491, They Will (Not Mine), Turn Me On, No Excuses onto Indifferent, Aim to Cheat and Goodnight are releasing the higher energy for screaming and shouting and kicking in melodies while having the band on stage. 

Hard Rock, Punk and Raised devil horns up the air for this band !

Mondo Deluxe:

Seek’N’ Hide (Pleasant Screams 2015)

Maybe you’re the fanatic fan for The Ramones or The Queers or Screeching Weasel and Bad Chopper or maybe you liking them all because from The Ramones passing a legacy which never will be broken by the advance of technology and Pop-culture can’t live without it – Rock N’ Roll Punk-Rock because Sasha D – guitar,vocals same as Mighty D; Alex D – bass, vocals or Gleb D on drums really getting their arsenal of fast riffs, catchy three chords and something dangerous this Punk come as forming this dumbest dumb for the dummy from B-Town calling themselves – The Dumbheads craking the noises of Punk shaped comes to town from Russia with Punk Rock carrying the bad attitude and leather jacket bad taste onto a predictable wilder or bewildering caused by the recording Heartbroken Idiots as the anthem tracks available on the plane and cold beer for a hot freaking day via Motherfucker, Petfucker Monster (From Outer Space), the sing-along Wait It Through but the most attractive here should be the street style meets the nerdy pop skateboarding releasing yourself from the world enslavement which Punk-Rock trying to fight and going to reminds you about the seminal sound as the you’re kicking, screaming seconds – put your middle finger and ordering another beer rather than bull-shitting around …

Just beware of Mutated Rats !...

Heartbroken Idiots:

Better Than Evil (Burning Heart 2005)

Swedish Punk Rock action figures in a form of a band naming themselves – Randy with their heavy roots over Rock N’ Roll, british sounds and some cool hooks to sell and naughty lyrics of sarcasm portions with Fredrik Granberg, Johan Brandstrom, Johan Gustafsson and Stefan Granberg cranking their popular sounds beating out the hypocrite musicians only thinking about money calculating is not how you think on Punk Rock or for Punk-Pop Rock for the releasing on this Randy The Band album recorded by Randy and the audiences would totally go nuts as the rebel music protesting to the social values or even the super-power on thus X-Rays special capability but more than that  - the entire Ramones army are ready to electrifying the authority trying to put them down on the ground while Randy still breathing and rocking with Bahnhof Zoo, Nothing On Me, Razorblade, Red Banner Rockers, Teenage Tiger to The World is Getting Bored as some parts for the poor countries kept making babies, over-populated and commercialism reign supreme to enslaving mankind by producing the most luxurious, expensive or the lies covering the truth from the public. It’s our job not to make punk-rock epic but we need to gathering hands and helping find the solutions that keep on piling-up.


Water April (Shelflife Records 2000)

Smile for the sunshine, smile for the Jangle-Pop that bursts out into the fresher midday sky, clearly like there’s nothing wrong with this moment as the music over the gladness collectively performed and being released onto the air today by the trio comprisingly known as Mikael Matsson, Christer Nilsson and vocalist Ingela Karlsson calling themselves The Shermans and bring this to you as part of their entertaining of honesty on the audiences interests off Indie Rock with regular amount of more Pop on its beats within the excellent miscellaneous recording after being compiled and then suddenly – fitting the outfit turning to be a good example of how sometimes a boring activity can be not as they’re used to be and here; let the album – In Technicolor borrowing you their good melodies, sixties Pop retro influences to the late 90’s era Alternative Pop sounds and harmony intact forwarding the essential delicious tracks that sending good feelings inside your brain with Practised Performance Sunday Morning, Dumbhead and Wasted Moments to Finding Time and Come December – might looking like a coincidence while Waiting For You on this Crazy World like the etiquette for behaving but focused on which dress you’ll  choose for your ex-husband’s second wedding day.

In Technicolor: