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Fried Egg 11 (Kill Rock Stars 2010)

   Comprising for Hannah Lew Lillian Maring and Raven Mahon; experimenting their ideas and music for the more flexible spontaneous dribbles in the realm scene off Alternative Rock/Lo-Fi seminal speed on Soft-Core allegiance with Hannah playing bass, organ and vocals to Raven’s guitar performance and Lillian drumming recorded by Alex Yusimov for Indie Rock show and the blowing sicken of monstrosity album number two here Past Time really carried most of thus harmonic weirdness, funny collaborative Pop-tunes and a vinyl that would ruin your entire weekend for its capacity on being combust by the way these girls having a good time with themselves rather than wanted to know about how boys like you would felt for their musical recording. Daily roadie tricks and themes might be possible to have and listen not too damn carefully via Shadow, Uncertain Memory, Give Me Shapes, Old Disguise and Landscape or Strangers Come – rarely most shocking fuel for ears but farther from that (yet) …

The girls loved to messing with their songs because they’re writing it themselves and they’re smart !

Past Time:

Trollstigen (Relapse Records 2013)

   Absolute perfection simplicity contender for your Shoegaze album as well as anticipated off True Widow semi-Goth Rock/occult-tinged Psychedelic Rock and pessimistic deep end contagious feelings in dreary darkest haze made together by the trio from Dallas – TX as True Widow consisting of DH Phillips (guitars/vocals), Nicole Estil (bass/vocals) and Slim TX (drums) composing their infectious female/male non-happiness themes to share just like Siousxie’s summer-eve dreams while playing her Post-Rock mixed with Slowcore or Stoner Rock dearly fallen to Goth/Doomy world below sounds alike. Standard as it is heavy and harmonious glooms as well; Circumambulation would be a haunting sadder record to collect and spend quietly suicidal as one living his pathetic life for being sticky bathing with sorrow, bad stories, misfortunes and whatever wickedly decided by fate to their every minutes and this time if this isn’t working to help; prayers might not be needed to chants by next morning.
Simultaneously, the late night capturing within S:H:S, Creeper, Four Teeth, Numb Hand to Lungr sounded dreary collapsing …


Satans Lover (Not On Label 2015)

   May the Psychedelic jazzy Rock and Stoner Metal reign for a very long time because the savior of Rock Music scene would definitely comes as the style of therapy sounds calling for the most mystical and occults things happened for the cause of welcoming more dear listeners to liking them and Sleeping Widow of Zittau, Germany might be your newer ticket to entering the Stoner Rock kingdom in most epic and powerful delivering with a cause and of course, deeper melodies and solos to tuning in, my friend.
Consisting of Sophie Arnold (vocals), Friedrich Mobius (vocals, guitars), Tom Witschel (lead guitars), Maximilian Meyer (bass) and Friedemann Ranft (drums) formed as these Retro Metal of female-fronted group manage to release their sophomore first recording on The Beginning of The End and you shall definitely blown away for having the cranking tracks of fortunes and magic via In The Woods, Mountain Side, On The Run to Kryptonite and more – no wonder if this already run short because of sold out and many liking them already and continues for enlightenment in success as riffs bashing and rock music reigning back the cosmos one more time by the woman-leading Stoner Rock project.

The Beginning of The End:

Cyclopean Utopia (Small Stone Records 2014)

   Darryl Shepard performing his music written tracks and composing over the Heavy Metal blacker side of the edgy poison and occult-tinged Bluesy Rock on the desert where he dwells alone but never stop making himself heard via Drone Maintenance as this Progressive conjured vehicle of loud electrifying six-strings format bangs through the Blackwolfgoat project solo of Mr. Darryl and with all thus layers, dense of distorts to delicate lines and engineering/mixing duties established here for those who loves virrtuoso guitar performance and more deep intense transducer serves or stand under the figurine tones for experimental Post-Rock Stoner to Psychedelic and Art-Drone Metal militant solo project like this album featured.
Open the data base and listen for first track 1-BWG889 followed by the next steps via Notausgang, Sunfall or Fahey – all the way to 3-BWG565 as the reassemble of your droid or robots might need requirements for back-up soundtrack as this album would fit quite definitely for that task.

Drone Maintenance:

Monkey Grip (Spent Music 1994)

   Aussie’s Hardcore Melodic crush comes and attacks from inside your stereo system – a bit faster but still standard and one might loving to pogo with it as of course, a crash-diet crunching sounds made by Errol Alley, Grant Dirckze, Joanne Lanzon and Ziad Beydoun  confirming solid as Blitz Babies just as naughty, dirty, sloppy and ferociously as they wanted to be by bursts claiming at that time the heavier  title of Melodic Hardcore infamous simplicity among thus bands around Asia Pacific since but shortly went ashtray. Bloody bad attitudes, screaming for protesting and freely can said what you can always wanted to said or share as Wicked World, Blame It, Equality, One of The Family, Long Time Ago, Burning to Now He’s Gone off this rocking album entitled - On The Line may reminding you the first time hearing to Rancid, The Distillers or The Muffs on heroin. 

On The Line:

Dragooning Exile (Drop Dead Records)

   Let your ears being roasted by the spitting dealer on how this heavier fuzzing sounds of the Stoner Metal, Doom and Sludge conspiracy awaken in full power via Duckhunters (the group) of a quartet from Brest, France as Manu (chant), Guillaume (guitars), Isidore (bass) and Alain (drums) giving you the collections of their own lists for liking crew – Stonebirds, Stromb, Jackhammer or Tranzat and the interesting riffs and clashing chords comes as maddened as ecological disaster to the planet – threatening. As chaos reign and greater nations at war; Introduction to Extinction or Killer Croc, The Road and Hands of Doom would be your favorite themes for apocalypse to come as we are waiting sincerely, afraid and shaken but still enjoying the pleasure for Extinction Road’s head-bang and rock tunes from up the hill of loud factory; right before things shut – for good !

Extinction Road:

The Hydra (Bandcamp 2013)

   Humanity talks the story about the remarkable advancing primitive cells grown from one amoeba to be developed and evolving the small creature onto a better incomplete and then, keeps on going to evolving more to then one time the creature and the growth came into one pointy fate intersection giving birth to the first mankind fully pops into the planet. Deep Ice Tomb telling us another story of how the climate changes from molten lava environment but with the helping hands of god touches the giant stone off the sky to struck down and begins the next steps of evolutions for the planet terra-forming to long torturing frozen era.
The UK’s Heavy Metal Extreme or Nu-Metal group – Chaos Trigger really taking their time to wrote some of those themes with carefully study over the facts and the folklore tales to the re-searching by technology as well and Bound In Skin or Kill The Dog comes with the growler vocals like babies eater monster and that’s how Outpost 31 is born to be recorded and use as a weapon in case the apocalypse really comes shortly tomorrow while chaos really spreading via this album too extreme to develops as an attraction for the hopeless and the electrifying left behind victims. 
Double pedals and slamming riffs and nothing nice at all may following the worst songs like Invader, The Pyre Song, The Automaton and Into The Boiling. Say goodbye to our home planet as the next asteroid comes crossing to hit this pathetic third stone form the sun. 

Outpost 31:

Advert Finger Boogie (Anagram Records 1997)

   Bristol’s Street Anarcho Punk Rock on their underground best times and more protesting efforts against the Tory and the Conservative bigots on the house of representa-shit or the pork-liament  and they’re hating you too for making money out of Punk and then, trying to kill it and tell the world it is dead. Raw and standard and Rock N’ Roll rebels all the way is what you seek here when one got the good hand gripping shake with the non-popular seminal Hardcore and harsh lyrics with punchy music – by Chaos UK alone. Line-up established unwell with Simon Greenham (vocals), Andy Farrier (guitars), Adrian Rice (bass) and Richard Potts (drums) releasing several “bad anarchist” albums considerable by the fucking governments whom they hate and hated them as well; comes this late nineties as the rising on Punk Rock back fronting the march over the brand new world with secrets and lies and conspiracy  under The Morning After The Night Before as bashing out some Oi Rock and Punk mostly, listen and do the pogo in violence for Dis-Gruntled, No Mess Panic, Take Me Back to San Clemente, Another Punk Rock Day, Wishful Thinking, Collateral Damage or Vegetable Soup may accompanying our breakfast, runaways or daily low payment jobs even tomorrow the world going to end – socially, awkwardly.

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night – fuckers !

The Morning After The Night Before:

Sarah Zero (Downtown/Interscope 2017)

   Founded in Los Angeles and sounded like the half-partly modern-electro moods from The Specials crew turning to Indie-Pop groovy palate and a disguising face recognizable by the soft-miracles of the beats collection recorded in comfort and falsetto vocals techniques required for this American Electro-Pop Indie-tronica founded by Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton; cannot be easily rejected while the group doing their assumptions via the remarkable touches on New Wave meets Electro-beats meets Happy hour technicians for blending the accurate Pop-cultured sensations caught up on Back & Forth, Glorious Warrior, Back For Me, See The Light or My Omen. Terribly, may causing your toes and legs first shaking; heads and shoulders also shaking; cannot fight the feeling anymore because feet and hands are also clapping and dancing permanently.

Choose your masks before you choose to have a great music tonight with Electro Guest’s Plural.


Soda Reggae Refined (Bandcamp 2017)

   While the focused eyes won’t easily turning on the pages on the non-related historic events that might going to be historic one day and the collaborations of Zak Dylan Wass and OCNotes (Otis Calvin III) with their good talented friend for the native American tribe (visual artist/musician) Yeil Ya-Tseen (Nicholas Galanin) and creating the union manifest destiny via Indian Agent – your rare Electronic-Folk Rock experiments off Alaska State by shifting thus collision between funny Alternative Rock to Funk-Jazz with Rn’B to Hip-Hop and Folk-Country and personal Alternative aura cooked as the story goes further. Integrating their minds, bodies and souls onto the creations for this unit of record released through Meditations is The Key of Red might fits like a triangle of consortium gathering trio may had or the sixteen tracks available to making the band sounded interesting and also crowds would loved to do more than just promoting theirs and the rest of the tracks here: All Over Town (feat. Budo), Sending Love to The Ones who Know (feat. Qacung & Budo), White Lies (feat.Phen Ray), Secret Nights or Mother (feat. Tanya Tagaq) or Hurry Up Evolve.

Change we all should !

Meditations in The Key of Red:

Cat Precious Day (Aby Sho Mzk 2015)

   As placing onto their sounds not only a confessional musical instruments but also things unique like tabla (played by Nila Gopal) to Serge Martynov on sitar/fisharmonium and fxs mixed from Oleg Fedosov as the band consisiting for Sasha Cemerov (vocals, guitars), Matt Lucich (drums), Joe Guese (bass), Alex Burke (keyboards) and Jaron Luksa (drums/percussion) proclaiming themselves as The Gitas – as probably, taken their influences by reading too much copy of baghavat-ghita the book or something longer and tied them-up for the sect’s points of views only that really matters and smartly correct but here you can feel how peace-loving quiet on Pop-Rock these band-members has already become.As the three eyes tiger roaring and the truth revealing; garland may erupting as a blast-gas of thematic collaborated in diversity for the answer looking on every questions - just try … My baby Gets Stuck (with Drugs), Mood For Love, Brand New Life and Black Crows shall melting your hearts to liking these rockers up. Screaming and get yourself possessed by wisdom garage Rock on The Gitas.


Springtime Shiva (Victory Records 1996)

Pop fusion and Krishna-Core within Indie Rock and Hardcore non-pretentions may erupts quickly via the elegantly wasted figures of the cutest female leading role on Sri Kesava for her rock group named Baby Gopal as it shows the interests and intellectual for a reality musical not artificial with friends: Alex Garcia-Rivera and Joel T. Jordan releasing their self-written materials getting closer to those with the same influences and scenery as Hindu-ism taking over the conversion minds to accepting the teachings here on the example tunes like Lost Generation, Confession, Govardhan, Port in any Storm to Sandcastle and Tofu; making the visibility of Sri Kesava not only beautiful and brighter but also smart or clever for making this consciousness a dream come true for once a lifetime.

Hare ... Hare ... Rama ...

Baby Gopal:

Felix Partz Sucker (Kitty-Yo 2000)

Sensuality sells but wait a minute; nowadays – everybody buying it like candy and for that new addictions over the vast modern millennium men’s demanding over the commodity that displays vulgarity of a woman’s body-parts especially, boobs, tits, cleavages, faces and thighs and needs to be mentioned too – pussies as the presenting musical from Merrill Nisker – a Canadian born performance artist, producer as well as film-maker and music-writer might crawling outside her own shell as the beginning for these Synth-Pop breaks, Electro Rock and experimental Techno and Industrial Goth-Pop may vary the devices and the beneficiary rather than just an applicant agent of change not a victim.
While you're infinitely - staring and think about what’s really behind those tight pinky pants from the debut album on The Teaches of Peaches as starring herself confronting the crowds like she doesn’t care while the producs of cranky wanky arousing sensations spreading fast within Fuck The Pain Away, AA XXX. Rock Show, Cum Undun or Didle My Skittle – terribly gone wrong for some passengers on a short flight; dance your mind off before she’s starting to get naked …

The Teaches of Peaches:

Won’t Underwater (RCA 2003)

Not many people realized that the Canadian Vertical Horizon once believed to use their chance and playing on Woodstock off the ninety-nineteen-nine reports and as the band brought their old materials from a very successful recording release – the newer one also comes in as Matt Scannell on vocals/guitars, Ed Toth on drums/percussion to Sean Hurley on bass guitar as well as Keith Kane on vocals, acoustic guitars as a quartet piece of Modern Pop-Rock from Canada really suits your ears to have them back with the album – Go for your sing-along attraction.
Produced by John Shanks and trying to lifting the themes about the lost of family timing together and the anecdotes about the confirm of a younger age for bubble-boy’s swing needing to sterilized than the kid himself which seemingly contradicted. 
A contrary romantic and broken-hearted popular lyrics as well as a dedication for thanking the people behind their small success before and after this. Best choices are here for you: When You Cry, I’m Still Here, Forever, Sunshine, Goodbye Again and Echo. 

Brilliant Pop sense …


Hampton Inn 306 (American Recordings 1994)

Long-haired cool troubadour but not a glam rocker stupid must be a good looking views you ever wanted to see in needing demands hopefully every single Alternative Music would lasted longer and wiped out Hair Rock that at that time sounded boring and reality wanted to have more honesty as it is get roughly perfect within the arrival of Pete Droge music on this solo effort of the Seattle, Washington man and his guitar and the ability to writing, producing and composed his own American-trademark music just like the hit single soundtrack and radio fever great number one as being signed to Rick Rubin early that ninety-three era.
The background Midwest Rock tones off Necktie Second and the delivering tales about car sale owner on a small town working for the living and the boring town seems to be not develops but some people do need to stay in for the second chance just like the great Folkish-Rock and Pop-Alternative sounds with his sophomore voice comfortably – would lullabying your afternoon rest longer than it used to while peaceful radiates and lyrics urgent issues daily might be catching up via the wisdom songs like Hardest Thing To Do, Faith in You, Strylin Street, Sunspot Stopwatch and Northern Bound Train or Dog on a Chain – clearly, tells the younger generations not to leaving their heritage behind but honest be onto yourself !

Necktie Second:

The Glitter Prize (Rykodisc 2010)

Used to be a delayed empowering by the solid formation with Jon Auer with Ken Stringfellow to Brian Young or Matt Harris or Mike Musburger but mostly, things might easily changed but not for this Pop-Rock Power band from Bellingham – Washington where Alternative and Indie sounds flourishing fast and healthy for several years and The Posies would be one of thus seminal legendary groups from the second wave of Indie Rock alternative of America rising to surface and the catchy musical or the interesting titles must be the selling points for this band as well as their harmony vocals that taken from The Beach Boys biggest fans and self-esteem fascinating over simple and fully artistic lyrics written and arranged to releasing Blood/Candy and the rest of the songs company for Cleopatra Street, Take Care of Yourself, Accidental Architecture, She’s Coming Down Again ! or Plastic Paperbacks (Hugh Cornwell on vocals) as those uneasy but cool protesting and romance mixed onto one sounds …


Somalia Turkana (Bandcamp 2013)

   Poweraxe made the touch-down via their album fixing and being  freely thrown out to market  but just because the title said Africa doesn’t mean that the band is also came in from Africa. The Valencians rock-heads Brian Randall (vocals/bass) and Ryan Lichten (drums) written this materials on Los Angeles as the pyramids and reflections and the green river banks not surprisingly – not matching the Stoner Metal music experiments that being inducts by these metal-fellows as the Psychedelic mastering riffage to the blazing drums attack as Poweraxe welcoming you to Enter: Africa via Liberia, Rwanda, Ghana, Sudan or Cameroon as being darkly adventuring the dangerous routes to the mystery clues and signs which already buried for hundred thousand times ago as Exit: Africa may becoming a different reason as the band roasting, bashing and not forgetting to includes your interests and confusing onto one giant chance to exploring the great continent via this effort.


So Ma Eighty (Southern Fried 2014)

John Andrew Meecham inventing this programmed reluctant knowledge onot musical ability and ideas of human to expandijg them higher through the technology of music making as The Emperor Machine is born to conquering your minds within its inventory calculating sounds that remarkably – powerfully grooved and awesomely, pure techniques as the UK producer marks his own beast-creature on noise maker scene completely deliberates from anything possible to be impossibly annoyed because when a soul died the music will continues. Like A Machine is the latest recording efforts  which blending tight the rigid beat of monotonous within thus Leftfield/Space-Rock/Tech-House and Electro-Pop finally fits for the gaming world or thus romantic destructions for animated realm inside your crazy head may gladly – choosing either RMI is All I Want, The Point, La Llorona, Theme for Magical Ring, Sonique or Pop The Lid; remains insane as the creeping drilled effects from deeper side of unconsciousness of mankind shaping the addictions over the imaginative world turning reality rather than the facts that already stands there in front of your busy funky eyes cause being wrapped in by music beats as a deflector.

If Michael Jackson being a game character it would sounded closely like this ...

Like A Machine:

Paul McGinnis (Teenbeat 2003)

   Once a solo project from a guy who used to be a member to that band named Eggs as weirdy thoughts ruling his mind and then he started to crawling out from the shell that cracks already to build his own but next later becomes a duet cause his girlfriend showed up and there’s how you known about veteran Indie Rock man Rob Christiansen and Jeannine Durfee quickly met and establishing the group only for themselves. As the Shoegaze and Folk-Pop sprayed with Goth-Pop atmosphere, non-sweetening alternative choices and creepy echoes becomes one as The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers releasing on their complex and simple album of the third installments finally – opens with Better Days Coming Now but exactly – not your Jangle-Pop loving favorites to listen actually.
Based on the daily activities over urban and big city people as thus inhabitants really spending less time to communicates to themselves but going from home earlier and coming back very late but some still concerning care to nature as they’re kept the order in good calls being written over ideas for these tracks like Morning Coffee, All You Want to do is Make Me Cry (with John Rickman’s drumming), Winner and Cradle and if you could or should just stay with your partners – no matter what. Or You’ll Be Lonely with Me as The Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers brilliantly, capturing the sensation one by one per songs did the buzzing …

Better Days Coming Now:

Bhopal Line (Self-Released 2014)

Elusive desperate screaming as far as your ears and mind would imagine that these North-Western coast of colder parts in Russia kinds of Progressive Math-Core group launching their instrumental music reverb formation of four-piece on a flooding guitars like hurricane and thundering drums but not every single thing left on the musical program were hard rocking or metal; so please – put yourself not in jeopardy but convincing souls to get in quickly as Show Me A Dinosaur precisely, tearing down the curtains of irrelevant camouflaging faces of mankind over Dust while the old female version of maid cleaning out the floor from dirty minds, empty vessels and heart full of hatred; hailed by these Saint Petersburg crew delivers their thick distortion of culminating breeze of sounds as the anthem songs either for individuals or altogether might rather mend or fix something than clearly – destroying them with bad reasons.
Be as wise as possible so anyone can be learning from you … 

Definitely, not easy rare but a must: More Than 70 Million Lives, Man Made God and Rain.


Jeggings Own (Miscreant Records 2014)

   Doing ventriloquist with your favorite doll cannot buy you a new shoes like Atticus products or garbage Dash-ass stuff because you’re not coming from a wealthy family (yet) but surely – that doesn’t mean you cannot rocking yourself out with friends and make a branded group playing its own Pop-Punk musical show as it is officially, an amazing support by bunch of people would encouraging you to go further. Just like Lily: vocals/guitars, Dre: vocals/drums and Bella: vocals/bass and their infamous long-titled record; Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club recorded under the non-trendy name of the band – Jawbreaker Reunion. Graduated from Bard College or not the honesty do really taking these weirdos stepping out their comfort-zone but making more enchants toward how the audience will seeing them as a band that needs to importantly, needs more attentions because the fast music and silly lyrics didn’t sounded that silly as you first hearing them.

Have a great disruption within Laughing Alone Eating a Salad, Tearing Down Posters, Beer and Loathing or E.M.O.

Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club:

One Star (Nymphaea 2011)

   Better believe that the moment you trying to listen for Gothic Sky as a real metal-heas one would quickly being moved to the wildside once the screaming growl vocals and symphonic female background vocals to the blasting extremities follow the previous metallic thunder cracking as well as thus slower beauty in dangerous seductions made from the performance off the group on their cyrillic russian alphabets over the album recording for (all being translated in English) Maze Wandering which contains of Doom Metal/Gothic/Black Metal symphonies attached to the themes surrounding vampires, romance and vampiric love lusts on these Michurinsk, Tambov Region crew as the traditional sounds and heritage blending onto one particular metallic force swirling out and destroying ears but gains as much fan-based as possible because of the artistic side composed within those ten tracks. From Beige Sunrise, Valley Prophetic Dreams to Sleeping Flowers or Castle Tribulation may not overwhelming any scares about how kingdom surviving its end of the era as being pressured by the darker force ready to conquering the land only to be stopped by the gypsy-fortune teller lady whose carrying the red stoned lantern to driving away the curses from the desert's sands to purifying the nature once again just like this Gothic Sky recording to our listening room.

Melodically almost like the finest not powerless !


Sleepy Hollow (Silent Productions/Ravenheart Music 2011)

Comprising of Lyudmila “Angel” on vocals, Ekatrina “Kate Noir” Alexandrova (violin, vocals), Vladimir “V’Olt” Ptashnik on bass, Sergey Bunakov (drums, keyboards) and guitarist Roman “Arsafes” Iskorostenskiy from Moscow – Russia  as well for their second full album release on Ash; having Maxim Busakov for drums and guitarist Mikhail Sobin to spreading the power of double pedals insanity and symphonic mayhem of the epic themes like the torturing tree of the innocence that stood as a silent horrific witness over the hundreds death slaughtering of the locals by the Persian due to campaign on widening their empire to the blue continent. Beautiful, scary and mysterious might be your descriptions over the eternal music making here on the songs of superb composed via Flaming Night, Frail Rime, Oblivion or Alive and Mist.
Altogether comes as an intros to the last exit but there’s no returning from certain death and delusions of Gothic Metal progressions presentations …


Zore Vetry Zvetiki (Prikosnovenie 2005)

Smell the ritualistic Dark-Wave and meet with the Neo-Folk band from Arkhangelsk established by Anastasia Kuznetsova, Tatyana Stepchenko to Aleksey Sheptunov or Wolfgang Count Ash and conceived their presence since the midst of ninety-four by mixing thus slow-core adrenalized pressure of Ethereal Electronic experiments for Neofolk, Darkwave, World and Country sounds especially the eastern-tinged transcending and Goth-Rock parts into one solid package as the group calling themselves – Moon Far Away which releasing this Belovodie album.
One of their excellent darker pessimistic records on the career with live band, ballads soft and classic orchestral signs the times as Sobiraetse Liubeznoy (The beloved is Fitting Out), Zhito Zhala (Cropped Grain), Volna Shumit (The Wave makes a Sound)and Ty Vzoidi Krasno Solnyshko (Arise You Red Sun) definitely seems to praising their pagan’s views seeing the old traditions back while cheering the Summer ends, Autumn equinox and Winter days to come by preparations. 

Hail thee moon worshipers …


Lucifer Experiment (Unundeux 2012)

Great Whore Of Babylon is the infinite measurements to call the strike on how on earth human can delivers such a crushing extremities like the collision between Slayer and Bring Me The Horizon in seconds blasting the global planet into pieces once one pressing the play button. As chaotic as you wanted or not but the pressing charge on them won’t do no good while the possessing themes and devastating terror screaming gore and altitude of terror continues to rumbles on. The demonic creature already being released and the Austrian blended for Deathcore, metallic Grinder or Grindcore and Hardcore onto Great Whore Of Babylon will measuring that you come to right place to be fucked out fucking hard than ever by the band. Markus Buder and Harald Groller (vocals), Stefan Notter (drums), Besi Heilig (bass) and Peter Ott (guitars) as you can freaking see here aren’t the boy bands or concerning artists that cares about what media thinks on them.

You’ll be slaughtered by Thanks A Bomb, Hypertension, Mengamuk and My Name Is Fuck You !!!

Great Whore Of Babylon: