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Zombie Sibling Song (Bandcamp 2013)

Jim Wadsworth did his job on the lead vocals quite well as with the drums and guitars accompanying Jesse Van Sickle the lead vocalist playing guitar or mandolins, Davey Death Ray on vocals, bass and monologue, Yarn F. Miners (lead vocals, guitar, bass, piano, autoharp, organ or percussion), Rebecca Wood on violin/vocals and strings arrangements, Chris Murra on vocals and lead electric guitar with Ekatrina Sotomayor for her monologue and jokes, Sam Fisher (vocals), Vince Furrillo (pedal steel) and Christian Lyons (trumpet) as a big happy family of a D.I.Y’s Pop-Punk and Acoustic-Fun Rock naming themselves Danger Death Ray tries to reverbs the nation worldwide via The Complicated Futility of Ignorance and Bliss in a gently and sophisticated works of sound-art like it’s being made by the genius music director who built the wall of sounds base in the past for the future blue-prints slowly flow in jangly through Dear Music, Winter Flowers, Wicked Bad Air to Dragons Awoke all the way to Yellow Typewriter and Omaha. It’s like the fight in the ring between common people and a pet T-Rex as loud as Riffs like Than Only Happen in Dream.

The Complicated Futility of Ignorance and Bliss: