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Zeit Ist Geld Killa (Bikini Bottom Mafia 2015)


   A contestant for the Youtube Rap-battle in JulienBlogBattle” in two years champs for this Germany-based Rapper named Sun Diego but used to be known as SpongBozz but born as Dimitri Chpakov and already has his professional music-performance and harsh sound-noises within the Gangsta-Rap beats of tension where the nerves are being tested whether you can be a calmer leading role or a hard-headed itchy finger who always to easy to pull the trigger. The example taken here for your introductions for SpongBozz’ Planktonweed Tape shall proving how fast this motherfucker rapper can over-limit the decimated speed within thus gooda tracks talking about shooting the cops or religiously dope onto the premier plans to rule the entire small world before the big one fell onto your damn hands tomorrow.
Listen to the beneficial simplicity of the beats and the hooks while your ears need to catch some of those magic words slipping through your translator machine explanations or the gaming punchy experiences that won’t or hard to stopped like your hot sister’s coca addiction for shooting first - smoke weeds later kinds of attitude.       
   Open the mic and spill the rhymes or the rhythms blasted loud via Che Guevara Flow, A.C.A.B, No Coorporacion Con La Policia Streetfighter, Kleinkrimineller and Hasta La Vista waving the smoking guns ahead and the hanging cock ready and loaded to taking the avenues or alleyways right now !

Planktonweed Tape: