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Wrong Sleep Help (Epic 1970)

As the composition members electrifying your demanding for Classic Rock popularity and Prog-Rock jamming session recorded over this quartet of Bob Henrit (drums), Jim Rodford (bass), Russ Ballard (vocals and guitars) and Rod Argent (keyboards and vocals) formerly of The Zombies to The Kinks now recites over this new project of fully band rocking out their Psychedelic Rock and Progressive Hard Rock arts of sound representing London, England.
The expressions from their seventies secondary album release over Ring of Hands may not exactly alerting the high-techniques off the band members personality performance that time; a more popular swinger rocks off by the highlighted blends of Art-Rock, Blues Rock and Pop-Rock refreshing the oldies heads to have a good nostalgia or back there; a suggested powerful of either slow-dancing music to held on the community gathering for the weekend or a youngsters attraction taking higher the beers and the booze with the harmonic tracks of Celebration, Sweet Mary, Cast Your Spell Uranus, Lothlorien or Rejoice. 

Your father in law or your rocker uncles might going to have sex over these Argent’s tracks for real !

Argent's Ring of Hands: