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Worm Conqueror (I Hate Records 2007)

   Cemetery Earth providing to you all the fanatic fans of Doom Metal USA troops to bashing the sky within thus mighty riffs and slow-slamming drum tempos like atmospheric but also haunting via the tremendous efforts made by these Glen Mills, PA’s para-occultism and Heavy Metal traditional Stoner/Doom rocking hour with the trio Pale Divine of its head-banging crew: Greg Diener – guitars/vocals, Darin McCloskey – drums and Ron McGinnis – bass guitar taken their drawing inspirational case and sounds from some of the finest legends like Withcfinder General, Angel Witch, Trouble or Pentagram and Candlemass respectively and dark as the purification over the chosen skull-heads collective on the front-side remarks the essential blasphemous themes stabbing out from the dark-descends area below the unreachable lights cannot penetrate the abyss floor of the creepy basement and the band’s Metallica-sound proof alike similarity for Broken Wings, (I Alone) The Traveller, The Seventh Circle as well as the powerful mojo-wrecking of Fire and Ice truly shall making your head bang harder as the morbid demonic possession happens on the other room without everyone notice as god himself scared and moved away.

Cemetery Earth: