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Wimmen Daddy Weed (Bandcamp 2013)

Genres wasn’t actually discovered which feels like one needs to put their judging over if this musical group from the musicians of Leicester/Newcastle/London/East Midlands – UK really a big band with many members or they’re not entirely playing the Super Blues like their name-after the Preacher and The Bear whose releasing the real amazing and superb old-retro sounds of the rocking rolling bluesy through the album of Preacher & The Bear & Their Super Blues Sound as starring only a trio of Preacher on organ/piano, The Bear on guitars/mando strat/vocals and Dom Potts on fender bass. 

Like a story about how they met each other in a most funny way versions but yes, the sources from this album truly sounded more Psychedelic than just ordinary Rock N’ Roll preaching melodic to thus Progressive Rock postings since the beginning of Sweet Black Angel in almost nine minutes and thirty-two seconds or Can’t Afford No Train in three minutes-thirty six seconds adventuring of rocking Blues-music and parallel universe of animated right here on the display like crazy, schizophrenia or just phobia over the too much joy in the making of taken thus special herbs without limit as well as you meeting your newer classic recording for Bluesy scene troubles via this in the new millennium.