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Wildflower Day Out Time (Liquid Sound Design 2008)

Orchid-Star is bunch of collaborative society of musicians within the likes for New Age/New Folk Music and Traditional-based sounds with or without vocals; profiling under the several names available here like Samatha Ray or Myo on vocals, keyboardist Pete Ardron, Pierre Luigi on guitar/bass, Jon Bongly the percussionist, Becky Dell playing marimba/vocals and other percussion, violinist Kait Farbon or the dancers Diane Everitt and Sandra Eveno to visualizing strings arrangements; brass musical orchestra and wind synth samplings for Electronic and regular beats of World Music comparison package via the project of huge amounts in many ideas and players to count; releasing this debut recording entitled – Birth + Re-Birth: Same Journey Different Perspectives. 
Being recorded by a divide parts there as Birth accomplishing its track-listed likes Deep Down for congas and glockenspiel to Mouse that showing the audiences a goblet drum or darbouka to Butterflies and The Heart of Ibu-At within the timbales and the Re-Birth for having all the remixes of the same tracks within the help of Youth, Tripswitch, Subsonar to Kuba remixes processions; like adventure of sounds to the constellations over your imaginations up there somewhere – where the rest of inner-spirits and beauty tranquil floating in the most meaningful of deep conscious as you listen …