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Whadelseplus1 (Not On Label 2013)

Bedroom Electronica beats sounding seems to be regularly fit for any occasional events and for that statement might be a good one for describing this effort not strictly endorsing any of thus non-commercial advertising related for Coca Cola Rubber or other weirdy factual melodic tunes for Now U Know, Ajar and Do Re Fa trying to teach you to sing with his mixed sounds and auto-cad tuned or keyboards blending via Missing Two Trains on Purpose album, Pan Pan as he is also a comic illustrator artist to producer as well as music arranger off Athens – Greece being ordinary regular on putting his works there for Ambient-Electro which acquiring some local musicians performance in collaboration as well like violinist Nefeli Walking Undercover or singer Sophia; more Pop-gothic-influences and Techno-Euro represents inside the track-lists by Detroit Attica (sa 10) or Gas and Street Off. 

You might want to bring this one to your travelling collection albums.