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Wesley Willis Shun (Not On Label 2001)

Exchanged from another strange wisked and dirty ideas of a band’s name formerly as Screaming Monkey Boner as being unusual, metallic unique and chaotic harsh to be simply categorized as Alternative Metal but as then, things changes and now you will know them by the name of Screaming Mechanical Brain and these satan’s hailers rock-heads experimenting themselves with Electro-Metal, shocking power-house groovy music and ensemble of disgorge with Rev. John Wheeler, Turff, David Murder and Mitch Tyranny from Minneapolis, MN giving people a same question to the existence of this group as “what the fucking hell is this ?” The brutal satanic career and bashing points through the likes on the audiences for everything abnormal like Mindless Self Indulgence did similar to what this troops of oddity metallic sounds would do to your ears via their debut release – Fun With Poop. As the vocals moving tightly from SOAD’s power deranged to growler screams as the band’s shouting tones bites harder but even on this occasion riot; you still have time to hearing a good chords or awesome bestial solos and parade of ugly songs and weird titles like Worship The Joker, Laugh Track, Naked Boobie Star as well as Masturbatorium, March of The midgets onto Cirque du Sanguine that shalt kill or torturing normal people forcing to hear these joints and tortures for a long time again and again like a horror movie watch without a clear endings as the film itself didn’t stop from repeats itself. 

Bruising oneself with Electro Hard Metal insanity !

Fun With Poop: