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Weak Spot (Suicide Squeeze 2005)

   You may needing care-less whether these Indie-Pop group really coming from Seattle or Los Angeles; formatted for Aaron Sperske, Christian Wargo, Todd Dahlhoff, George Holdcroft and Thomas Hunter maybe moving here to there as the name chosen by them to a celebration for making a band shall dreaming big and becomes great as Crystal Skull and the neaty looks and popular wearing style driven the band’s effort over this debut album Blocked Numbers on telling the stories completely from the un-important things onto the regular daily fits for some in almost the same melodic harmony and crispy vocals leading people to loving them quite easily after the first listening try-out. 
Meet your themes favorable in those titles like Airport Motels, Hussy, Count Your Gold, No Room For Change or Every Little Bit; sounding just like a modern Indie-Pop’s speaks or spells spreading easily like smiling dusts among your friends whom didn’t know exactly how to act, pick and becoming free people on this millennium newly days by simplicity just like this music …

Blocked Numbers: