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Vultures Ride (Prodisc 2011)

   Fueled with energy and anger for their lyrics and music; these hard-hitting rockers moving to settled down in Chicago, IL – USA truly may becoming your next favorable band to filling in your lack of Modern Rock collections these days and through Pulverize album which isn’t melancholic at all – Andie Zaragoza on vocals, Eric McKay the bass basher and drummer-kid Armando Zuniga bursting their energy within standard tempos in a straight and ready to freaking rock with magic heavier riffs, great vocals, powerful grooves attaching more than just your regular Alternative Rock displays and Fairmount (the band) truly breaking out from their chains or bars as the explosive mixing between Rage Against The Machine to Soundgarden to Stone Sour meets there on The Telephone Wasn’t Working So He Was Screaming As Loud As He Could, Obvious Damage, The Hippie Met The Mexican – which concluded with Latin-based firing lust sounds and more to come in distorting world where the lady has changing her perspective and fight back now not being a house-slave anymore. Build-up your life back, manage now.