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Virgen Maria (Beyond Space Entertainment 2004)

   Julio Francisco Ramos made this noise-tape for his debut of a completed experimental Hip-Hop/Folk-Rap/Anonymous progressive Indie sounds to you to explore; by the name of Ceschi this New Haven, Connecticut playa seems not to be too damn hesitate or afraid to showing his works brilliantly, truthful rather than related to the title album he chosen – Fake Flowers.
Half-Latin bangs with pure Black Music beats covering the most area he raps harder, faster, stronger or sexier to white females to bow down and do the blow job quietly on him or being addicted to the music or perhaps, the little piece of spirituality via Lucky (feat. iCON The Mic King, David Ramos & DJ Creative), Visions (feat. Xololanxinxo, Maleko & Tommy V), Blue Morsel to Heaven and Bad Love Poem. If you had an Invisible Friend on your house it’s not a mistakes to add more and Ceschi is one of them qualified to letting your days flow out and kicked away the boring activities within these non-typical Rap shit but it ain’t !

Fake Flowers: