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Violence Defend (Not On Label 2006)

   They didn’t want really to break free but more to expressing their minds and writing some kick-ass distorted Emo-Rock songs which sounding like related to some of those Dave Grohl materials as Clothes Make The Man’s self-titled inflicted record released into Pop-Rock Indie-based of Toronto – Ontario; you shall jumping manic for the elements of surprising distortions cracking hard from within carries these tracks of WMD, Singles Only, Deny Avoid & Shutdown, Chile or Tuz might commonly would letting go the inner-young beast inside you within the screaming vocals, groovy beats and catchy chords. For Ryan McLennan on vocals, guitars to Scott Henry on guitars/vocals as well as Ross Machon playing bass or Adam Thrasher the drummer has brought their efforts of good modern music and back-up harmonies for us to listen as we head-bang !

Clothes Make The Man: