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Viaduct Posthumous (Last Bullet Records 2015)

   Acoustic coming temporary permanent by the good sounds and energetic vocals performance leading the essential smells for Punk-Rock meets Folk-Pop meets Americana junkyard shanty rock sound from the docking harbor points which used to be colored by plenty cheap bar or pub and brawl fights with Cap’n Thunder did the guitars, vocals, drums, percussion, accordion and kazoo and Mr. December doing his guitars and backing vocals, bass, percussion and mandolin as these duo might closely sounded like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant being hypnotized on playing more of thus Bluesy Punk-Rock and Folkish of minus the live band as extremely drunk and powerful to covering all those seventeen tracks from the recording release of Aleatorium by The old Smugglers. 
Pounding headaches over being too drunk, ominous crawl of the attendances around the cove, musical loud but never deafening to listen as owls and taunts screech or hissing like snakes for the performance burning flamed from Ocean Fell From The Sky, Black Molasses, You’ve Got The Shimmys, Squelch, Best Parking Space on The Block or The Devil Always Knows providing the relevant facts that life is always a mess but you can either controls it or then, just enjoy it while you can. 

Rawk n cheers !