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Vessel Sands (The End Records 2009)


   Shifting fault-lines on the Earth crusts might be happening because of the Doom Metal Sludge gripping riff-age exploding did shaking the planet as the low-key forecasting blisters and stormy sounds fatally erupts and affecting the weather around your place as the giant stomping of slower tempos hypnotizing and intermingled the propelling typhoon of submerged converges of the grandiose down-tuned imperfections leading to erupts as powerful as the super volcanic moment of truth.
Brooklyn. NY’s - Hull band which consisting of N. Palmirotto, S.B. Dunn, C. Laietta V, J. Steiber and A. Mack really know how to beholds their expanse over vast sounds collisions by materialized self-written compositions as like the releasing on Sole Lord album as harmonic examples over a devastating record to collapsing your comfort zones stereo-forming and lives to tiny crumbs possible within the division of two bigger sub-titles: Endless Obsidian Abyss onto Innocence or Immortal way through the second parts of Born From Flesh and Stone with Aesthetic, Architect or Healer. 
Non arguable, possibly to stop human conventional grow-rate from develops anymore. 

Can be said to be an ancient mystic ritual spells meet the evil modern dark plan among ruins …

Sole Lord: